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Friday, April 10, 2015

How Successful is RECLAIM AUSTRALIA ?

If the Human Headline Derryn Hinch's poll is any indication, "VERY"!

Let the pictures speak.

If only ONE percent would attend a rally.. and there were 2000 people at the rally, this suggests a support of at least 200,000!

... and we are only beginning.. just 1 solitary meeting/rally....

 If that's so then it suggests that if we had 2000 at the rally then 200,000 other supporters didn't come out. 

RICHIE BENAUD.. lesssons: I was looking at the young and vigorous Richie, dancing here, and prancing there, bowling, batting, catching...his strong virile body doing all that an able man can do, then... at the end, his frail, weak, sagging physical capsule of mortality, hobbling around, shuffling here and there.. and I pondered. "would I like to reach that stage in life and look back on a *nothing* life?" 
Nothing.....In the sense that I'd not stepped out into the adventure of risk, into the high peak of emotional elation that comes with striving for something worthwhile and having given my best to achieve that? Of enjoying a picnic at the bottom of the tree, but never having climbed it to go out on a limb for my values......Tony Campolo (a public figure) once asked an old man he respected greatly how he might do things differently if he had his time again? 

The response was.."I'd risk more!" 

The first time I attended a rally was 2011 on May 15th. It wasn't a perfect rally, but it was still a historic and great one for many reasons. I learned much about the tactics of the feral Left, I remember driving out to Maribyrnong Detention centre where Martin Brennan was incarcerated prior to deportation to say goodbye to him. I never got to see him because I arrived late. 

 I remember the long and inspiring conversation after the rally with a well educated Muslim about faith issues. (inspiring because I found words I did not think I had in me) I recall watching with stunned amazement the absolute filth of the Left both verbally and physically. That time had mountaintops of elation and swamps of frustration, but oh my.. I LIVED.. and now, because of that one rally and another where I was able to share with Melbournians on a broader level in Swanston St..I find myself quietly confident that we can not only make a splash, but can become a tidal wave of renewal and restoration for this nation.
May 15th 2011 Federation Square

2014 rally for peace and unity-Swanston St Melbourne
April 4th 2015 Reclaim Australia Rally Federation Square.

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