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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Herald Sun Spin on RECLAIM rally.

It didn't take long... between Chanel 7 using a suspected paid Actor to rock up wearing 'White Pride' gear and being given a sign BY the 7 crew who then filmed him at 'the rally'.... and SBS using a LARGE image of the uninvited bloke with the swastika on the back of his shaven head as the heart of their story.. we now have the good old Herald doing it's bit to promote the polarization of Aussie society.

Here is the quality of the anti-'racist' mob... you have to giggle at this guys get up!
Actually.... I think "ignorance" of the issues is the last refuge of....the so called 'anti' racism mob....this bloke being a deuzy!  Reminds me of that wonderful Banjo Patterson poem about "The man from Ironbark"...speaking of the gilded youths who sat along the barbers wall..

"Their eyes were dull, their heads were flat..they had no brains at all"

 As for the Herald Sun? oh my oh my.... check this out.

Having been there... participated, and seen ALL that this montage of images shamelessly displays.. I can give a real world commentary on it.

i) The boys at top with the flags for masks.  They were a small group.. most of the people were mums and dads and even they were very mixed racially.

ii) The man with the swastika tatoo... he was specifically UNinvited.. and was INvited to leave.. he sneaked in withOUT permission or blessing.. and once 'in'...the Police would not let him OUT in for reasons of them not being able to guarantee his safety.. gee..I wonder why!!!

iii) the other altercation shown below right, was between some Reclaim supportes (the bloke on the left) who had just asked me how the heck to get IN to be with us.... I directed him to the place the Police told me..(I was already inside) and it was there that he was ATTACKED by the feral anarchists and left wing yobbo's you see going at it here.

THE STORY? So, rather than focus on the true reasons and big picture of the event...the Herald has singled out only volatile images that sex up the story. Why? wellll..it's a no brainer..the Herald is a commercial operation and it's primary interest is.. "selling advertising space".... and using images and selection and emphasis that achieves that goal is the 'why' of what they did.

OUR RESPONSE?  We'll just continue to work at a grass roots level building support..telling the truth, educating our supporters and the next time it will be bigger than Ben Hur on crack!

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