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Friday, April 17, 2015

Falling in Love.... at first sight!

I've seen a couple of scenes in Waynes World and in Just Shoot Me  where some glamorous mystery woman is observed by the main character. She is in the distance, across a room... or flitting gracefully along a beach in a sultry garment.. and as per Just Shoot me version... David Spade (Finch) looks across the room, and whammo...he is transfixed by her beauty, gobsmacked, stunned.. unable to do anything other than just stare......with open mouth.

Today I had one of those moments.  I was at a major home improvement store and there was a young lady present at a table in a sort of cafe/relaxation area... she was not only stunningly beautiful, she was smartly dressed in a businesslike way.  Without realizing it, I looked at her and then.... to my amazement, she smiled, not a mild one either, but one of those "I've been waiting for you all my life" kind of smiles.  But as for me,  I'm old, married and a grandpa.  Such a hook up is out of the question.  So.. while my 'fantasy' (fleeting as it was) had me quickly scribbling out my facebook name and adding "I don't now why I'm doing this, but if you do... here is my contact".. my reality and morality kept me sane and soundly on planet earth.

Still, who can deny that such beautiful moments can give us an amazing  boost and lift that will linger for a long long time, perhaps a lifetime.

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