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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Can you LAUGH at Epilepsy?

Under normal circumstances, the last thing I'd do is laugh at epilepsy... but today I heard one absolute ratbag (but kinda lovable) of a  girl I never knew existed, who is... epileptic,  and she told a story of her earlier life that cracked me up something awful.. not quite as much as a good episode of Frasier..but close.

She explained how she went through the British Military Academy Sandhurst, and was offered an officers commission.  She then told how she was 'kicked out' of the military when they discovered she was epileptic!...
Her comment was classic and special. "I suppose the idea of an epileptic with an SA-80 assault rifle  was not particularly attractive"... then without even trying my mind jumped to the  image of a person in the throes of an epileptic fit, firing off rounds in all directions....as they convulsed! 

To put it mildly, that would not be the best choice of soldier.  The hilarity is not in the epilepsy, but the image of an out of control soldier with a weapon.  It's only 'funny' in that it should never happen..and when the epileptic herself tells it.. aah.. then I can laugh.  You can imagine the other soldiers rushing for cover, screaming out (and I'm still trying to figure out why?)  Perhaps its the sense of ridiculous? A gyrating soldier popping off rounds in all directions is soooo antipathetic to how a soldier should be, that it's funny... hmm...why? If that really happened I suppose the side where that soldier is serving might crumble..... not a nice thought nor a funny one...I suppose it's just a somewhat wistful longing for comic relief from the seriousness of conflict  and pressures of life.

Another kinda sick image that I thought of the other day is let's say your in a male toilet and some moron makes a gay pass at you..(I understand that if you tap your foot on the floor while having it under the divider...it's supposed to be an invitation for a gay sexual encounter)... wellllll.. I was thinking of it this way.. if the  ratbag hits on you in a vulnerable place and it's uninvited... imagine if you quickly finished your business, pulled out a whole bunch of toilet tissue, quickly soaked it in water at the sink....then dumped it on the head of the person who hit on you, (who still has his pants down) and then run like hell!  His sudden anger and outrage while trying to claw up his dacks to 'get' you... well I think that's pretty funny too!  (Infantile, but funny)

I once thought I was being hit on in a public loo.. I'd gone in, did a quick scan.."nope..no one here" (subconciously) and then proceeded to unleash the earthworm and pass water.  Suddenly, I heard this creepy, echoing voice.. seemingly coming from right behind me "Hello there big boy..how are you today?"  The look on my face was probably like the C-130 hercules pilot when he looked out of the cockpit of his just parked plane to see one of the propellers come off and crash to the ground. (yes that did happen, I was marshalling the plane). the Big boy comment had come from some Indian bloke in the cubicle who had just called his mate on his mobile.

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