The Pen is mightier than the sword, but the Pen must sometimes move the sword against corruption if the corrupt are not moved by the pen.. An idea without an implementer is useless. "The Rulers do not carry the sword in vain"Rom 13:4

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Islam is NOT a Threat- (Green Left Weekly- ReClaim Rally Melbourne)

This is psychologically fascinating.   In the image below, this poor hapless misguided female Socialist protester mentions everything Islam  is 'not' a threat to, except the most blatant..."herself" simply because she is female.
See the image...then compare that with the Quran quote below.

Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance - [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand. (Quran 4:34)

COMMENT.  What this reveals, is the vital disconnect between the deluded mind of this sad protester, and the reality that she is uncritically defending, for reasons of ignorance.  Not only does this Quranic passage permit domestic violence it is outright sexist. "Men are in charge...of women"  So.. one has to wonder at the tragic level of misunderstanding this girl has regarding the cause she is espousing.  

For the seasoned activists (like yours truly) it is quite clear what's going on here... this girl and the others with her, are not in the slightest bit interested in defending Islam...or Muslims... they are just using those social issues for the shameless promotion of their own nefarious political agenda, that youthful naivety cannot recognize  as being just that.

Presumably this girl was once outraged by some example of greed or corruption in the business world and then a switch went off in her head that turned on the 'socialism is the answer' vibe, again.. ignorant of social psychology and history and serious political reality.  This girl  and the other poor girls are in desperate need of remedial cognitive therapy, to cleanse and  re connect their neural networks in such a way  not to have a 'software meltdown' that is currently resulting in the 'red' screen of death in her psyche.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My "Deliverance" experience!

Mostly in the mind, not the body, but it makes a good yarn I reckon.  Yesterday began quite normal (don't all horror movies begin that way ?)... I was tasked to take some materials up to a remote place in thum thar hills of Pheasant Creek. (near Kinglake/Victoria)   All went well for the delivery, a tranquil scene of pristine beauty


 then it turned....strange... and I mean a bad strange. My customer informed me that to get out of the place I just needed to 'go down this road.. then left..the at the end..go right" etc... but somewhere along that list of lefts and right my logic and memory went haywire!  I made a left turn....when it should have been right.

All seemed fine at first.. it was a bitumen road.. made me feel safe, secure and on the right track. But then... it suddenly became a dirt track... but all is good.. my trusty GPS (which has since been summarily executed!) told me I was going the right way, and in 18 km I'd be on the Yea/Whittlesea road. So, having confidence that my 4wd Colorado would be able to negotiate the obstacles.. I pressed on.

Unfortunately, the GPS seemed to get lost in direct proportion to the ruggedness of the damn track! which did get much worse... It seemed to be all saying.. "Just 4 km more.. and you're there!"  but as I wound my bumpy way through the arduous terrain, I began to get this sick "I'm lost" feeling... fuel was running low (again.. as it always does in those horror/slasher movies) but I felt I had enough.... then.. after surviving a few mud pits, furrows and fallen trees.. I felt victory was in my grasp!

Then..I saw it... (I was on the ridge of the mountains) a down hill, furrowed, windy, pot holed descent into..what seemed like oblivion!  I thought to myself.. "If I go down there, I'll never get out!"  This is when those 'deliverance' images came to mind... those hill billy, bush bobby hog breathed shotgun toting toothless anally raping smiles of a couple of creatures from the dark side!  There I was... IN the movie..... I was not only in it..I was the victim.    (the mind does strange things when under pressure)...

I ended this saga with a return journey of another useless 18km to my start point and this time.....took the 'right' turn instead of the wrong one.  As the coke adverts says.. "OH what a feeling!!!"  safety, security, and society.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Is Beyonce Knowles Demon Possessed?

I really don't know, but looking at this video, I'm open to that suggestion.  This is quite staggering.. even if there is no demonic influence or possession in her at this point.. I am absolutely certain that as Rock personalities go ever close to the dark side, (Madonna dancing with demon dancers recently) that when the reality is there, people will not see much difference between the last time and the now possessed condition.

Let's say that the people who produced this clip did some doctoring of the frames.. to make them seem more 'evil'.. I doubt they would spend so much time on each individual frame to make it as we can see it.  In any case, I know that the forces of evil (yep..they are real) will use the broadest, most effective means of infiltrating youthful minds.. Rock music is clearly about the best way.

It's been a while but KISS had some awful songs that used lyrics like "I am the god of thunder.. I am going to steal your virgin soul"  etc.... nice stuff.

Just remember, before you allow yourself to be totally sucked in and roped in by these artists of satan... (like Mylie Cyrus also)  just call out the name of Jesus, come to Him, and run like hell from Hell!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Can you LAUGH at Epilepsy?

Under normal circumstances, the last thing I'd do is laugh at epilepsy... but today I heard one absolute ratbag (but kinda lovable) of a  girl I never knew existed, who is... epileptic,  and she told a story of her earlier life that cracked me up something awful.. not quite as much as a good episode of Frasier..but close.

She explained how she went through the British Military Academy Sandhurst, and was offered an officers commission.  She then told how she was 'kicked out' of the military when they discovered she was epileptic!...
Her comment was classic and special. "I suppose the idea of an epileptic with an SA-80 assault rifle  was not particularly attractive"... then without even trying my mind jumped to the  image of a person in the throes of an epileptic fit, firing off rounds in all directions....as they convulsed! 

To put it mildly, that would not be the best choice of soldier.  The hilarity is not in the epilepsy, but the image of an out of control soldier with a weapon.  It's only 'funny' in that it should never happen..and when the epileptic herself tells it.. aah.. then I can laugh.  You can imagine the other soldiers rushing for cover, screaming out (and I'm still trying to figure out why?)  Perhaps its the sense of ridiculous? A gyrating soldier popping off rounds in all directions is soooo antipathetic to how a soldier should be, that it's funny... hmm...why? If that really happened I suppose the side where that soldier is serving might crumble..... not a nice thought nor a funny one...I suppose it's just a somewhat wistful longing for comic relief from the seriousness of conflict  and pressures of life.

Another kinda sick image that I thought of the other day is let's say your in a male toilet and some moron makes a gay pass at you..(I understand that if you tap your foot on the floor while having it under the divider...it's supposed to be an invitation for a gay sexual encounter)... wellllll.. I was thinking of it this way.. if the  ratbag hits on you in a vulnerable place and it's uninvited... imagine if you quickly finished your business, pulled out a whole bunch of toilet tissue, quickly soaked it in water at the sink....then dumped it on the head of the person who hit on you, (who still has his pants down) and then run like hell!  His sudden anger and outrage while trying to claw up his dacks to 'get' you... well I think that's pretty funny too!  (Infantile, but funny)

I once thought I was being hit on in a public loo.. I'd gone in, did a quick scan.."nope..no one here" (subconciously) and then proceeded to unleash the earthworm and pass water.  Suddenly, I heard this creepy, echoing voice.. seemingly coming from right behind me "Hello there big boy..how are you today?"  The look on my face was probably like the C-130 hercules pilot when he looked out of the cockpit of his just parked plane to see one of the propellers come off and crash to the ground. (yes that did happen, I was marshalling the plane). the Big boy comment had come from some Indian bloke in the cubicle who had just called his mate on his mobile.

Chains or Liberty- Reclaim and Rebuild this land of Australia.

This speech is copyright, no part may be used without the permission of the author.


Jean Jacques Rousseau opened his "Social Contract" with these words:

"Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains."

Martin Luther King Junior spoke about the  Life of the negro being "sadly crippled by the shackles of segregation and the chains of discrimination".

A few hundred years ago a Blacksmith who made the best chains in the region was arrested for committing a crime. He was chained up by the authorities. He believed his expertise in making chains would enable him to find a weak link and set himself free... until he realized that he had made this chain....himself.

Let's talk about the ECONOMY. (Victoria, Australia)

We might not know the beginning or the end of it.... the up or the down of it, but we DO know the NOW of it..

-Chains of crushing credit card debt,
-Our dwindling dollars of desperation  and jangling cents of economic despair.
-Relentless pursuit by the banks that make you feel like a pray item on some predators menu.
-Fees and Charges of every kind,
-Final Notices from the Energy companies.
-Repeated calls from callous debt collectors,  usually in the months following Christmas.

Politicians can yabber about a bright future, about a fractional improvement in unemployment figures, but if you worked for Holden Ford or Toyota those words don't mean squat for your today!

We must be liberated from this depressing destructive  landscape of economic devastation!

Values have plummeted to unprecedented depths, Taxes have risen, Governments of every kind face a serious curtailment of income, but the demand for services is relentless... we are surrounded by the withered and withering leaves of failed and failing industrial enterprises, Farmers cannot find markets for their produce and the savings of many years by thousands of families are gone!

While Daniel Andrews and his loud but misguided splinter group minions out in the East babble  on about a Doncaster Rail Link ,  and Dennis Napthine blusters about the East West link, we now find there's a huge $400 million MISSING link in our treasury as Andrews has to pay compensation for work done on EW Link and does a sidestep on the Doncaster Rail project and wants to dig up Swanston Street for the next 10 yrs.

Victoria's Debt, including unfunded liabilities , even by best estimates is around $50 billion dollars. The interest on that debt and those liabilities is around $500 million per YEAR!.. you can buy a lot of health care, education and social security with a spare $500 million per year!

We don't need information about how these bozo's are going to spend MORE... we need liberation!  and spending less.

During the Global Financial Crisis, you heard the word "Stimulus" a lot. When ever you hear that word.. RUN as far and as fast as you can!  It comes from something called Keynesian Economic theory, Borrow from inside the country, ..Spend inside the country.. Stimulate your internal economy.. there will be a Multiplier effect....

- increase aggregate demand ,
- people buy things,
- factories are full of workers and
- the economy rises to utopian heights of  glory and the Millenium has arrived!

RUBBISH! as a Labor voting Maths professor so succinctly put it "Keynesian Economic theory only works in a closed system".. which is maths speak for.. "When you can control all the relevant factors and you are not vulnerable to outside forces or overseas competition.. it works."

-But we DON'T control all the elements of the Economy.
-We DO have huge competition from overseas interests.
-We are borrowing from OUTside the country to stimulate our economy. (according to a senior Victorian Treasury dept official with whom I had a conversation)

-This means we inject borrowed overseas money into the economy, (Debt)  people buy more things, but those things are imported from overseas (more Debt)  and this just forestalls the ultimate day of reckoning when our balance of trade becomes like a chain or a straightjacket and they put all of us into  padded cells because we try to bang our heads into a brick wall because nothing makes sense any more!

We must  be Liberated from this lunacy! and adversarial competitive politics has never, is not, and will never deliver that to us!

Let's talk about our SOCIAL situation
-We have politicians and public servants scrambling for relevance about Domestic violence, but they are only attacking the symptoms, not the disease!   People are violent toward their partners because of what's inside, not outside!

-If you teach children that the only thing to believe in is that there is nothing to believe in.....don't be surprised if they feel they are only accountable to their own feelings and emotions when they are adults!
You can splutter on about human rights till Christmas in the year 3000, but that only informs the mind, it does not shape the will or renew the heart.

-If you raise a child where the word NO is absent without leave, missing in action,  then the child might hurl his wheatbix on the ground when he's little, but he'll hurl his children or wife  off Westgate bridge when he's old.

It's time we were liberated from these twilight zone psychology chains and lala land sociology shackles!

There is one more reason some men of a particular religion are violent towards their wives and women.  They are taught that  Allah  authorizes the man to 'beat' his wife if he suspects her of improper conduct where advising her doesn't fix her...then we have a problem that no amount of psychology nor an army of social workers can redeem.

We see inroads being made from outside, -the chains of foreign legal systems,  Sharia law for example. Sneaking into our Financial institutions, polluting our so called Human Rights commissions and infecting and insulting our Culture. We are repeatedly told to sit down and shut up, and that to speak up about these divisive trends is.. divisive, but that makes no sense whatsoever.  It makes no more sense than a black pot calling a black kettle 'black'.

So we have decided to end this silence and stamp out this apathy, and stir up some much needed action. We will stand up, speak out and make our voices heard on the highways, the byways and from the rooftops!
When you are going to rebuild an apartment on an old residential site, you must first demolish the old building, clear it away, and then you can rebuild!

Let's talk about our  Moral Situation.

Marcus Tulius Cicero once said:   The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct.

Which one.... are you ?  Walter Lippmann described 'the masses' as a  'bewildered trampling herd' that needs to be guided by an intellectual elite.

Unfortunately, the so called psychology of today leaves me thinking that  psychologists have a lot to answer for! Claiming to be wise, they  became fools when they swallowed the prevailing orthodoxy trotted out by tripped out professors like Dr Timothy Leary from the 60s and other culpable contemporaries like Dr Peter Singer who gives us  mind numbing, soul crushing cruelty ... with his covert academic operatives in the Melbourne and Monash Universities. 

He is 'professor emeritus' of the Melbourne University "BioEthics" dept... he founded the "Bio Ethics" school at Monash...  This is the man who speaks about 'zoophilia' ie.. Bestiality in terms of "If the animal is not harmed he can't see the problem".  He also speaks about 'post birth abortion'.. most of us in common-man common-sense land call that MURDER!  But if you put half the alphabet after some drongo's name, call him 'Dr' and appoint him to some high educational position... suddenly he is supposed to have the credibility to turn murder into mercy?  I don't think so!

It's time we were Liberated from these chains of academic darkness!

If our overall social situation is to be rebuilt, we must first redeem it from the ravages of ruinous academic nonsense and the reckless economics and vested interest of people who have given in to their primal instincts for self glorification and self gratification at the expense of all others!

- We need lawyers who are more concerned with justice than a judgeship.  (Debbie Mortimer.. 'truth is no defence')

- We need doctors who are more concerned with public health, than private wealth!

- We need public servants who care more about serving us than saving themselves or passing education funds to their family and relatives via false invoices for work not done!

- We need teachers who teach  for life and not just for a living!

-We need firemen who put out fires rather than put away wealth!

-We need paramedics who follow their calling rather than doing the appalling and defacing the windows of OUR ambulances to add more of our money to their private bank accounts.

I know that to say all this will not ratchet up my popularity or put me higher on the Christmas card list of a lot of people.. I DON'T CARE,   this is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly! Nor need we shrink from honestly facing the conditions in our country today!

The only way we can rise up from the quicksand of cringing, cowering defeat is to recognize our situation, to know the worst of it  and take measures to manage it.  Irrational Unreasonable unjustified fear will keep us it's prisoner as long as we let it!   Only when we take the first steps up with our heads held high, standing tall, with inflexible resolve and undaunted spirits will we have  dignity for our people and a destiny we can be proud of for our Nation!

This kind of talk might see me hip and shouldered by the cross winds of scandalous competing political and private interests, and it might see me in the cross hairs of the more radical among them, but fellow Aussies, we are at a CROSS ROADS and I am speaking in a way that should evoke the right choice of turn left, turn right or go straight ahead, but one thing is for sure, we cannot go in three directions at once!

A great man from who's life we date our history once said.. "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul"... and we would be well advised to heed those words on a personal and national level.

Patrick Henry said in his history changing speech to the Virginia house of Burgesses in 1775

"I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past."  I don't need some self absorbed academic to tell me to go right or left.. I have a brain!

Academics sit in their high seats of our society and regard us as a large bewildered herd that needs 'them' to set us straight.  But  John F Kennedy once said "If we make a peaceful revolution impossible, we make a violent revolution inevitable!"

I am hearing not one, but many parental and grandparental voices from the past, people who have lived long lives and learned much about life, who have seen the outcome of going this way or that..., telling my heart that we are on the wrong track, and I believe them!

Perhaps it's way past the time when, instead of these so called academics telling us how things should be, as they follow the latest intellectual fashion trend,  we should be telling THEM how it should be!  Common sense is a valuable commodity and the higher you go up the ladder of learning..the shorter the supply seems to be!

Henry said in the same speech "Is life so sweet, or peace so dear, that we would purchase it at the cost of chains and slavery???  Forbid it Almighty God!.... I know not what course others might take, but as for me....give me liberty or give me death!"

Mario Saveo spoke these words on the steps of Sproul house at the University of Califorinia,  Berkely

There's a time when the operation of the machine of state  becomes so odious, it makes you so sick at heart that you can't take part! You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus -- and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it -- that unless you're free the machine will be prevented from working at all!!


Ronald Reagan made a speech called "A time for choosing" in which he said: 

"We are at war with the most dangerous enemy mankind has ever faced in his long climb from the swamps to the stars.. it is said, that if we lose that fight, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will look back and remark with the greatest astonishment that those who had the most to lose, did the least to stop it happening!"

We need freedom and liberty and we need them NOW!  When the defense of liberty, equality and fraternity require our availability, many people develop a sudden disability.  Do you respond to a cry  by setting a course to your first port of call -Denial? "That's impossible, it can't be happening"
How about  Denigrating the messenger? "You are just a scaremonger, you're divisive"
or perhaps Deflection? "You are an extremist!"
or Distraction  "But the Pies and the Dons are playing in the Grand Final",
This kind of brattitude will bring on the Grand Final of all Finals........

If we do not learn quickly to be taxed more and served less for a few years,  we will end up in a Godzilla like black hole of budget fundageddon. When that day comes, -and it is coming unless we wake up and wind back our excesses,.... the seekers will reform for a special event,  they will sing to 23 million sad and sorry faces.."The carnival is over... we have said our last goodbye!"

Today, in the name of the Australian people,  we reclaim economic sense and balance, today,  we reclaim moral direction, today we reclaim the future and refuse to allow it to become a tragic aborted victim of a thoughtless today!  We reclaim freedom from misguided Left wing repression... Today, we reclaim liberty from socialist  and communist intolerance and Right wing selfish exclusion. Today,  we reclaim our humanity irrespective of the color of our skin.

Martin Luther King concluded his dream speech with these words:

When we let freedom ring from every village and every town and every city of every state.. it will speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, protestants and Catholics can all join hands together and sing in the words of the old Negro Spiritual.. free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we are FREE....at last!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


So,  this blogs response to political bigotry is simple.. call it out as it really is!  This was entered into Faceb

A couple of important points need to be made in regard to the bigotry expressed by the 9 networks report on the Towoomba Mosque fire.

1/ Quote "Reclaim Australia held nation wide and AT TIMES VIOLENT protests.....

COMMENT.. the only violence as far as I know was at the Melbourne Rally which I attended from start to finish. This violence was perpetrated by violent, aggressive left wing thugs and animals who screamed, raged and espoused loathing and hateful intolerance toward us who were fortunately protected from their criminal offensive behavior by about 200 police. Had it NOT been for them, I'm sure there would have been a full on riot as we were attacked by these vengeful political traitors to this Nation. In one case.. a picture that appeared in the Herald Sun, was of one of our Reclaim supporters.. BEING ATTACKED by leftist scum as he tried to join our team. So get your 'who did what to who' straight 9 Network! I was there..that bloke had just asked me(I was on top with the main body) "How do we get in to join you?" so I told him "Go around the side and the Police should allow you to enter. He was unable to penetrate the intolerant bigots from the Socialist alliance who abused and attacked this innocent man!

2/ PREMIER "OUTRAGED".... Premier.. desperate politicians do desperate things.. and your desperation is clear.. "you need a scapegoat" so.. as the Nazi's picked on the Jews.. you now pick on us! We are convenient.. we are small in numbers, (but growing) we are easy targets because we REJECT violence! You said:

"The community must rally to outlaw those who disrupt others wanting to practise their religion peacefully,"

Premier..HOW can people practice THIS "Peacefully" QURAN 9:29
Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture - [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.
Premier..HOW can people 'practice' THIS "peacefully":

QURAN 9:30

The Jews say, "Ezra is the son of Allah "; and THE CHRISTIANS say, "The Messiah is the son of Allah ." That is their statement from their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved [before them]. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded?

WELL Ms Premier ??? HOW can your holy book demand the DESTRUCTION of a people (Jews) by race and another people (Christians) for their BELIEFS.. and you say this can be practiced.."peacefully"??? It's a good thing PREMIER that some of at least have an education.. unlike yourself obviously...
HOW ABOUT THIS Ms Premier.. I'll stand outside Towoomba Mosque and hold up a poster which says "Muslims don't believe Christ is the son of God.. may God CURSE THEM and DESTROY them!!!.. How would that go down Ms PREMIER? So...if you are looking for something to be OUTRAGED by..how about you get OUTRAGED by a call in the Quran for the destruction of Jews and Christians !!! ??? because..guess what Ms PREMIER.. "we" are already outraged, and we happen to see the situations somewhat differently.. you see the National Socialists had point 3 in their 25 point program LONG BEFORE they had the power to DO something about it.. Point 3 FYI says this "We Demand TERRITORY for our surplus population" With the benefit of hindsight, we now KNOW what that meant.. so to the French and Russians and Chec's and Poles...
So Ms PREMIER.. 'we' are outraged at your own lamentable and incipid spineless lack of understanding about this 'religion' that is expressing itself in terms of those verses cited above.. NOW THEY HAVE POWER! If you don't 'get' the lesson in that for Australia.. PLEASE RESIGN and permit someone with some understanding to replace you for the good of our Nation and Neighborhoods!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Falling in Love.... at first sight!

I've seen a couple of scenes in Waynes World and in Just Shoot Me  where some glamorous mystery woman is observed by the main character. She is in the distance, across a room... or flitting gracefully along a beach in a sultry garment.. and as per Just Shoot me version... David Spade (Finch) looks across the room, and whammo...he is transfixed by her beauty, gobsmacked, stunned.. unable to do anything other than just stare......with open mouth.

Today I had one of those moments.  I was at a major home improvement store and there was a young lady present at a table in a sort of cafe/relaxation area... she was not only stunningly beautiful, she was smartly dressed in a businesslike way.  Without realizing it, I looked at her and then.... to my amazement, she smiled, not a mild one either, but one of those "I've been waiting for you all my life" kind of smiles.  But as for me,  I'm old, married and a grandpa.  Such a hook up is out of the question.  So.. while my 'fantasy' (fleeting as it was) had me quickly scribbling out my facebook name and adding "I don't now why I'm doing this, but if you do... here is my contact".. my reality and morality kept me sane and soundly on planet earth.

Still, who can deny that such beautiful moments can give us an amazing  boost and lift that will linger for a long long time, perhaps a lifetime.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Madonna and her potty mouth! (that 'kiss')

I reckon if Madonna slammed a dirty greasy, germ filled kiss on my unwilling lips, I'd do a Jim Carey when he (as Ace Ventura) realized the police chief (woman) was in fact a man!  The scene is memorable.

Having Madonna's narcissistic bad breath infect your vocal chords would be like your 80 yr  old  granny planting an awfully sloppy smooch on your lips..  YUK!

The New Matilda discovers...MORALITY?


Of course, federal Treasurer Joe Hockey’s comments this morning slamming Labor for a racist campaign – while fair – fail to acknowledge his own party's history of filthy, race-based dog whistling. But then, when was politics ever about reality?
Despite all this, NSW lefties can still take heart from this weekend’s election. There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon for those who believe morality should play a part in politics.

Amazing.....this left of Left Marxian/PolPotian cyber rag claims to have discovered or..perhaps is "Reclaiming"  -.morality?  ......... now those dots before the 'now' were the pause you needed to clean up after my projectile splooooosh of my coffee as I chocked back the loudest guffaww and exclamation in history!   Putting "morality" and The Left in the same paragraph let alone same sentence is tantamount to the most brutish murder of the word 'morality' in history.

There's nothing quite like having your pet theory mugged and maimed by some rather cruel facts.  The 'morality' of the Left is where they brutalize an old lady by screaming and ranting at her, then just about wringing the life out of her frail arm.

Here is another Matilda-esque 'morality' from the Left....
Check out the image below...I think it's the brother of that Leftist maniac!
We could go on forever with image after image that demonstrate the true colors of the New Matilda support base.. even the base they are chasing!  But how dare they call anyone who mentions  the national origin of those who wish to buy our countries assets a 'racist'...

This is a pretty important question, but in short, based on the evidence, it seems the New Matilda and all the Union based Leftist loonies are in fact representing the interests of the Peoples Republic of China, and it's vast manufacturing base, including the Great Wall vehicle manufacturing company, that will now flood the market with cars to fill the void left by the decimation of Nissan, Mitusbishi, Ford, Holden and  Toyota.

It stands to the simplest of reasoning that if you happen to be a member of China's capitalist club of bosses, and you want to take over the market in another country, a good way to do it is to crank up the cost of manufacturing, wages, conditions etc.. until it becomes a very poor joke to try to make a few dollars in Australia, and you just close down.

Some philosophically adventurous people might call this a 'post hoc ergo proctor hoc' logical fallacy.. "if this, then that"  but I'd call it 'right on the money'....  So, I'd rather see the New Matilda, and it's OLD immorality languish in the quicksand of debt and delusion.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

TESTOSTERONE and it's 'enemy'

If you're like me, when you've been doing a lot of strenuous exercise, and have had time to recover, you feel ready to roll and ready for anything.. raring to get out there and take on the world.

Try this:)  Read the sermon on the Mount... see how you feel?
If ever there was a text that contributes massively to human peace, it has to be this 'sermon' of Jesus.

Matt 5
Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him, and he began to teach them.

The Beatitudes

He said:
‘Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful,
    for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
    for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.
10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The sermon continues in this link.

Friday, April 10, 2015

How Successful is RECLAIM AUSTRALIA ?

If the Human Headline Derryn Hinch's poll is any indication, "VERY"!

Let the pictures speak.

If only ONE percent would attend a rally.. and there were 2000 people at the rally, this suggests a support of at least 200,000!

... and we are only beginning.. just 1 solitary meeting/rally....

 If that's so then it suggests that if we had 2000 at the rally then 200,000 other supporters didn't come out. 

RICHIE BENAUD.. lesssons: I was looking at the young and vigorous Richie, dancing here, and prancing there, bowling, batting, catching...his strong virile body doing all that an able man can do, then... at the end, his frail, weak, sagging physical capsule of mortality, hobbling around, shuffling here and there.. and I pondered. "would I like to reach that stage in life and look back on a *nothing* life?" 
Nothing.....In the sense that I'd not stepped out into the adventure of risk, into the high peak of emotional elation that comes with striving for something worthwhile and having given my best to achieve that? Of enjoying a picnic at the bottom of the tree, but never having climbed it to go out on a limb for my values......Tony Campolo (a public figure) once asked an old man he respected greatly how he might do things differently if he had his time again? 

The response was.."I'd risk more!" 

The first time I attended a rally was 2011 on May 15th. It wasn't a perfect rally, but it was still a historic and great one for many reasons. I learned much about the tactics of the feral Left, I remember driving out to Maribyrnong Detention centre where Martin Brennan was incarcerated prior to deportation to say goodbye to him. I never got to see him because I arrived late. 

 I remember the long and inspiring conversation after the rally with a well educated Muslim about faith issues. (inspiring because I found words I did not think I had in me) I recall watching with stunned amazement the absolute filth of the Left both verbally and physically. That time had mountaintops of elation and swamps of frustration, but oh my.. I LIVED.. and now, because of that one rally and another where I was able to share with Melbournians on a broader level in Swanston St..I find myself quietly confident that we can not only make a splash, but can become a tidal wave of renewal and restoration for this nation.
May 15th 2011 Federation Square

2014 rally for peace and unity-Swanston St Melbourne
April 4th 2015 Reclaim Australia Rally Federation Square.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Will the RECLAIM AUSTRALIA movement end up like Cronulla ?

Let's hope not.  In fact, I believe that with good control and guidance it can have much bigger numbers than the Cronulla demonstrations of 2005 and without the violence of that time. Cronulla was what might be termed an ill timed, genetically twisted and deformed premature birth of modern Australian Nationalism. Now.. the people and the purpose have matured.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Australia, on the edge of a massive outpouring of pent up long repressed National Ferver!


All the signs are there, people are awake and waking up... they are becoming conscious of our desperate situation and the need to do something about it before it's too late.

The next 12 months will be most interesting.

Herald Sun Spin on RECLAIM rally.

It didn't take long... between Chanel 7 using a suspected paid Actor to rock up wearing 'White Pride' gear and being given a sign BY the 7 crew who then filmed him at 'the rally'.... and SBS using a LARGE image of the uninvited bloke with the swastika on the back of his shaven head as the heart of their story.. we now have the good old Herald doing it's bit to promote the polarization of Aussie society.

Here is the quality of the anti-'racist' mob... you have to giggle at this guys get up!
Actually.... I think "ignorance" of the issues is the last refuge of....the so called 'anti' racism mob....this bloke being a deuzy!  Reminds me of that wonderful Banjo Patterson poem about "The man from Ironbark"...speaking of the gilded youths who sat along the barbers wall..

"Their eyes were dull, their heads were flat..they had no brains at all"

 As for the Herald Sun? oh my oh my.... check this out.

Having been there... participated, and seen ALL that this montage of images shamelessly displays.. I can give a real world commentary on it.

i) The boys at top with the flags for masks.  They were a small group.. most of the people were mums and dads and even they were very mixed racially.

ii) The man with the swastika tatoo... he was specifically UNinvited.. and was INvited to leave.. he sneaked in withOUT permission or blessing.. and once 'in'...the Police would not let him OUT in for reasons of them not being able to guarantee his safety.. gee..I wonder why!!!

iii) the other altercation shown below right, was between some Reclaim supportes (the bloke on the left) who had just asked me how the heck to get IN to be with us.... I directed him to the place the Police told me..(I was already inside) and it was there that he was ATTACKED by the feral anarchists and left wing yobbo's you see going at it here.

THE STORY? So, rather than focus on the true reasons and big picture of the event...the Herald has singled out only volatile images that sex up the story. Why? wellll..it's a no brainer..the Herald is a commercial operation and it's primary interest is.. "selling advertising space".... and using images and selection and emphasis that achieves that goal is the 'why' of what they did.

OUR RESPONSE?  We'll just continue to work at a grass roots level building support..telling the truth, educating our supporters and the next time it will be bigger than Ben Hur on crack!

Monday, April 6, 2015

RECLAIM AUSTRALIA - Federation Square- The ongoing aftermath.. good old SBS.

I knew it would happen.. and it did.. the ONE bloke at the rally.. NOT invited, in fact he and those like him were specifically NOT invited.. who rocked up with a skin head and swastika's on his chrome dome.. and with military fatigue type camp pants.... yep..the ONE bloke who did manage to sneak through the police lines... it's HIS photo that SBS made the centerpiece of their story below....

I'll join the action..here it is!

Man at the Rally.. (univited guest)

Alex Sproul..serial agitator, violent thug  and Left wing Pest-son of Painters and Dockers Union "vigilance" officer.. looks remarkabley LIKE that bloke....
SBS  REPORT An attempted bigot convention has gone awry over the weekend as attempts to ‘Reclaim Australia’ have led to hate groups accidentally reclaiming the fascist rhetoric of the rise of the Third Reich.
The group met with the express purpose of reclaiming an Australia that they believe had once existence because they heard about it in a Slim Dusty song. Unfortunately for organisers, the violent intimidation and overt racism of the event meant that all that was reclaimed was the spirit of fear and hostility of the bleakest periods of human history.  (source)

Now..some first hand inside information!  I was there.. I had a quick hello to this bloke with the bald head..but not too much because our organizers had already suggested he move away..but he could not...why? because of the howling rabid violent left wing dogs who were scrambling and clawing  against the police...even hurling horse poo at them...these fine upstanding representatives of the worst of Australian life...They were the problem.

We had about as much interest in reclaiming the "Slim Dusty"  Australia as getting another hole in the head..... we have much more serious concerns and Islamic intrusion is just one of those many.  SBS seems to have missed the passionate members of our group who happened to be...

'But what would a bit of fact be to an otherwise juicy sexy 'racism story' that will add advertizing revenue to the SBS coffers and ratings.. (they are sending us the hefty cheque in the mail for helping them)...

Speaking about cheques..and possible deliberate sabotage of the wonderful Rally for Reclaiming Australia...there was one bloke.. who was acting very suspiciously in connection with some Chanel 7 Media people... He looks like he was a professional actor who had adopted the guise of "White Power Warrior" and he fitted the bill perfectly.

Soooo.... folks.. don't be too hasty to just swallow all that the Media serves up ok :)

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Today I attended the Melbourne 'RECLAIM' rally and it was beyond description AWESOME!

Thousands turned up to support Reclaim and the dirty feral tired old Lefties were there violently trying to shut us down. Can you imagine the joy of watching their fuming frustrated fatigued faces as they were grinding their teeth and huffing and puffing to try to invade our space.

They looked like worn out old rags.  Even the young ones were getting early wrinkles because of the facial contortions that go with the level of hatred in their hearts.  Way too much hate, for far too long has taken it's toll on these poor wretches.. I think it's time we gave them a consoling hug :)

BLEAT BLEAT BLEAT...they whined...they moaned, the whinged, they wailed and they just seemed soooo tired... like spoiled children who had just been denied their favorite toy, they had  tantrums here and  spasmodic crying fits there and became hysterical in the other place. Desperate to defeat us, but definitely disappointed on that score!


Yes..now it's world wide global publicity for the RE-CLAIM cause and now this meeting has morphed into a movement.

Present at the Reclaim Rally were people of every color and race... they were most welcome! Does anyone notice the skin color of the 'patriot' on the right ?

THE MEDIA SPIN on the Event.

4 Apr 15

RALLY AGAINST RACISM // getting choked by some ignorant racists was worth standing up for what I believe in today // Muslims are welcome - racists are not // stand in allegiance with asylum seekers, the traditional owners of Australia and anybody who believes in treating others with love and respect

THIS is hilarious.  Only someone who was there (like me) can even begin to appreciate how monumental that persons hypocrisy is.. "love and respect"  oh my oh my..if you could have seen the rage, if you could have sensed the hate, if you could have felt the violent attacks... from that person and others like him/her... THEN you would realize that the true racism and divisiveness is on their table not ours.  They speak 'love' and respect' but deny those words with their rabid and criminal actions.

PROBLEM 1 They called us.."nazi's" (no surprise there) and "racists"  but among us were people of many races and skin colors! They even admitted on one poster "Yes, Islam is a religion but your still racists"  At least that was a grain of truth.. that Islam is the issue...  In spite of one very unwelcome man who was a clear white supremacist, with some rather ugly tattoos on his skin head.. he was ONE..and we were thousands.

PROBLEM 2   UNION EXTREMISM on behalf of the Peoples Republic of China?

I hope the general public is awake to the fact that this abysmal display of degenerate hate filled Left wing socialist extremism can never mask their true agenda of hate and division. They had the usual rubbish on posters about "Jobs, Refugees"  but you know that these are the same Union affiliated people who trashed the livelihoods and jobs of the whole Vehicle manufacturing industry of Australia in favor of the vehicle builders of the Peoples Republic of China, i.e....Great Wall!  Now the Ford, Holden and Toyota workers languish on the human scrap heap..sacrificed on  the blood soaked alter of "end justifies the means" to maintain Union bosses in the power and luxurious lifestyle they have become accustomed to!

Those discarded workers now face the grim prospect of existence and life in their middle age, and without serious job prospects in the future.  The scurrilous Unions are guilty in the court of public opinion and condemned in the hearts of the people!

You might ask yourself this.."IF" you were a nation seeking to overtake and overturn the economy of another nation and promote your own products in place of those made in that nation... a useful strategy would be to promote the activism of Unions in that nation to crank up the wages and conditions until they are no longer competitive, and die.
So..the unanswered question is..."Does the Peoples Republic of China 'invest' in the activities of Australian Trade Unions?"

PROBLEM NUMBER 3  "Public Perception"
I met an English visitor to Australia the other day, and I asked him if  he knew about the English Defense League? Yes he did, "oh..they are a bunch of racists...football hooligans" THEN I asked him.."Do you know how they started and why?"  Answer- "err..no not really", so I, the Aussie educated him on 2 matters.. The homecoming of the British soldiers who were subjected to the same hate filled rants we were subjected to on Saturday, by Muslims screaming "Baby Killers" etc.. then there was the massive child sex grooming scandal that showed a large number of Pakistani Muslim males were grooming white children for passing around their mates as sex slaves.. the number ? Fourteen Hundred! 1400.  It was the EDL who banged away at this and opened up the festering sore for all to see....then  it exploded onto the main mass media and the dust is still settling!

But when the Media just grabs onto the most journalistically sexy images and sound bites..and tries to characterize a movement by that selection and emphasis, you the reader should suddenly wake up and look deeper into 'why' things are going on...hence this blog entry.

Facebook....hmm I just got a new friend... his name is "Machette(+ nickname)"   :)  Glad he's on our side.

To take back our country from the unwashed, parasitic Left.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT.  The Social and Political Renewal of Australia

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Post John Maycock does NOT WANT you to see! (Idependent Australia)

John Maycock is a total "Cockup". He is a despotic mini-Tyrant who wishes, like Big Brother to control all discourse and filter out anything that exposes his sad, tragic bizarre views on sociology or politics. Well.. that was to be expected...but he cannot control THIS blog and the comment will be here..loud and clear.

Sad John Maycock, failed Journalist who showed that you can get a degree in social science yet know nothing about it.
 According to his profile...

His areas of interests include History, Politics, and Sociology, society and cultures; where he is particularly concerned with the marginalisation and vilification of minority groups and the manipulation of public opinion, driving the marginalisation through divisive political discourse and a compliant media.

What a joke...he is unwilling to permit alternative opinion on his own media space.. I suppose he is just a lefty pot calling the mainstream kettle black!   Well.. his despotic and paranoid protectivism will do no good... truth will be told!

Ronald Ostrowski wrote: (in Cockup's blog)

I don't know about your courtroom experience in confronting what appears to be an example of Jewish ethnocentrism, but I can't see how that relates to Bolt not having the decency to do his research before suggesting paler skinned Aboriginals are not really Aboriginals, despite being recognised by the Aboriginal community as such.

Here's the thing, what you guys are about is not showing respect for difference. That respect is a two way street, but if one side of the street pushes the issue then the other pushes back - hard. If this continues and escalates we will fi nd ourselves living in a dangerous world of nasty racial tension like other parts of the world do.

My Response:

Hi Ronald, you reply was quite respectful and deserving of a thoughtful reply. The Bolt experience was an eye opener. I completely agree with you that Bolt should have done better homework, but I will not discredit the ultimate aim and intent of his sequence of articles on that very important public interest issue. He was sloppy, point conceded. Sloppiness never helps good intention.
On the issue of 'Aboriginal', I encountered a number of people outside the court room who 'informed' me that 'race is a social construct' (an absurdity but still) and therefore anyone who wishes, can call themselves 'Aboriginal'.
Let's not debate DNA, race and biology now, there are bigger fish to fry.

RESPECT FOR DIFFERENCE. This is a seriously important issue, that needs a concerted effort to unpack. "Difference" has many dimensions, and I suppose the primary point I'd like to make here is that there are differences in culture, religion, philosophical outlook and political ideology and so on. For the purposes of this discussion, the crucial point is.."how" do those differences impact non 'them'? This could conceivably lead to a discussion about utilitarianism, and the greatest benefit for the greatest number, (Benthem and others) but I'll try to avoid that path. If we have 'Ideology A' and 'Ideology B' (political or religious..same diff) We can make a venn diagram of where they intersect and have common ground, and the rest remains disconnected. This then leads to..."What will party or ideology 'A' do in order to remain in power, on top, dominant etc relative to ideology 'B'? clearly in a competitive political or cultural setting, I suggest they will do "'whatever it takes" hence the depth of toxic venom manifest in our political debate these days.

WHAT KIND OF DIFFERENCE? John Locke point out in his 'Treatise on Toleration' that it is invalid to use the magistrate to enforce issues of faith, hence, it is horrible for the State to seek to impose a particular religious orthodoxy on all it's citizens. This was during the bad old days of the struggle between Rome and Luther/Calvin in British religious life. I've found Locke to be most refreshing. But in Islam.....this is where it get's difficult. Islam, is a lot like Roman Catholicism with 'power'....both believing they are the only authentic representative of God on earth, and..AND....that they have the authority to compel obedience using the magistrate.... (or the Sharia court) we have in embryo the same chicken that laid it's destructive intolerant religious eggs all over the British Isles, except that it's in MY country (and yours).

SOME DIFFERENCE IS DANGEROUS. I am not a subscriber to the social views of Irving Goffman, who seems to be at the philosophical root of much of todays "don't despise difference" narrative. Nor am I an adherent of Herbert Marcuse's 1965 essay "Repressive Tolerance" (Google and just read the first paragraph..it's enough).

I am a fervent believer that some difference is diabolical. Islam is one such "difference". I say this with some heavy duty study and life experience, of the faith and it's history, and I am adamant that we must always assess an ideology (including Christianity, Hindusim, Buddhism and Sikhism) by the content of their constitution (Scriptures) and the conduct of their founder.

I do hope you will avoid the temptation to look up and down the street and see 3 or 4 families of friendly Muslims and then judge the ideology by them alone... It's the wrong way around. Hitlers "point 3" of his 25 point program spelt out his aim for territory, and it translated into invading Russia. See it? Foundation==> Fulfillment.

I cannot imagine you would ever evaluate National Socialism by the nice man in a black uniform, jackboots and wearing 'colorful armbands' when he is serving the poor at the local soup kitchen. Heaven forbid.