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Saturday, March 7, 2015

The enigma of the "white anti-white-racism' activist"

I was listening to a pod cast from a Social Pysychology web site where it spoke about a national (American) Organization of white skinned anti Racists who's primary target is...'whites'.   This is absurd in the extreme, because racism is a universal attribute, and it only becomes a visible issue when people begin to howl and whine about 'non them' and accuse them of 'race based privilege'... here is an essay where some of those race based privileges are listed.

I recommend you think about them all, and then, before you start feeling shame or guilt for being white, if that's what you are... just change the skin color to 'black' and think about being a member of a tiny white community in say Liberia!  I've lived the 'the only white bloke in the town' thing myself and everything this idiot McIntosh preaches about 'white' privilege, was my own experience on the other (rough)  end of that stick in an Asian country.
I was the minority, darker skinned Asians were the majority, and when she speaks about

3. If I should need to move, I can be pretty sure of renting
or purchasing housing in an area which I can afford and in
which I would want to live.

 This is the kind of utterly silly observation that would be true of any majority irrespective of skin color in any nation on earth. To single out 'white' people in a nation where we happen to be the most, is not even an observation that would merit the slightest glimmer of anti racist attention. If you were to go to some area of America like...Dearborn where most of the population is either Black or Arab/Muslim, all the 'privileges' McIntosh speaks of would apply to the white person as the minority.

So 'white' anti 'white racism' are completely misguided.

But there is a worrying element to their existence and potential influence.  They not only claim, but propagate the idea that to 'be' white is... racist in itself. If you are white.. you ARE a racist no matter if you have never done the slightest 'racist' act toward anyone.

That kind of assertion is in itself racist and must be crushed.

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