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Sunday, March 8, 2015

RECLAIM AUSTRALIA- alternative speech.

The Honorable offices of  Governor General, Prime Minister of Australia, Members of Federal Parliament, the offices of the Premier, members of Victoria's Parliament, Lord Mayor, Members of Victoria Police, Fellow Victorians,  I am thrilled to be here today, in what will go down in history as one of the greatest demonstrations for freedom and equality in the history of our nation.

Much as I wish  to believe that our members of parliament are dedicated and sincere in their efforts to make a better Australia, I am unconvinced that they do so for any more than approximately 50 % of the population!
I look at the whole Nation, they look at half the nation, the half which votes for them.

This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly, nor need we shrink from honestly facing the conditions in our country today.

I am here, to speak about the dignity of our people, the destiny of our democracy and the renewal of our nation! I have come from the tranquility of the suburbs to the turbulence of our capital city.

We stand today in the shadow of many mighty men and women, those who have given of themselves and their substance  to shape this great South Land, and bless us with these wonderful surroundings.

In a perfect world, all we need to do..... is sit back in our easy chairs  and quietly relax savoring both natures abundant gifts and this remarkable progress as our Nation  makes it's footprints in the sands of time and on the stage of history.

But this is not a perfect world!  We cannot take our ease or relax.

Instead of the fertile fragrant forest of economic prosperity, financial security and social tranquility, we have an encroaching Sahara desert of diminishing economic return, and a social lunar moonscape,  pock marked with craters of plunder by squandering political pirates and ideological pollution from all sides of our parliament.

Instead of growing factories and manufacturing, we have shut downs, empty outs, walkouts and lockouts,- orchestrated by people who seem, on the evidence, to be working more for the interests of the Peoples Republic of China, rather than the  once great South-land of Australia.

Instead of busy industrial enterprises we  have increasingly empty factories but full warehouses holding goods from China and elsewhere. Instead of making  forklifts for others to use in their factories, we import them, then drive them to shift around more imported goods in the overflowing warehouses next to that empty factory.

How can we Advance Australia Fair when there are those among us who are beating the drum and dancing to the tune and serving the interests of the national anthem of the Peoples Republic of China by shutting down factories through unceasing demands for bigger better and more?

Next time you see a mob of madmen marching down the mainstreet screeching "The workers united can never be defeated" just remember that factory near you that  is now empty and the warehouse next to it which is  full of imported goods.  The truth of the matter is this, workers united in a dance to the tune of a Union boss results only in one person keeping his job....the Union boss.

Ask the workers of Mistubishi, Nissan, Holden, Ford and Toyota! Ask the the Toyota workers how they feel about the AMWU not giving them a vote on issues that they were broadly supportive of.  Go for a walk into Johnson Tiles in Bayswater, see the deserted factory where the ghosts of redundant  men and women still haunt the place and where the old factory is becoming  more and more a warehouse for Chinese made tiles.

Ask the Toyota workers; "who still has a job since the AMWU bypassed the will of  workers, and went straight to (so called) Fair Work Australia, to attack and fight Toyota over a few simple changes that would have helped the Company remain in Melbourne?" . Ask those men and women 4 questions..

Question 1 is.. "Who still has a job now that you don't?"
Answer...the leaders of the AMWU.

Question 2 is:  "Now that you have been  KIA and  hurled onto the hill of no longer needed, how will you cope with your mortgage and providing for your family?
Answer... with great difficulty, anguish, desperation  and hardship!

Question 3 is  "If you had a choice between no job, and a secure  job with slightly more attractive conditions for your employer...which would you choose?"
 Answer:  "A job with conditions that guarantee there IS a job tomorrow!"

Question 4 is:  "In the end, WHO benefits from closing down Automotive Manufacturing in Australia:?"

Answer:  Clearly it is the emerging car makers like the Great Wall Corporation of the Peoples Republic of China!. Seen any Great Walls lately?

Comment. If you were a nation with an emerging car making capability, and another nation who's consumers you are targeting  has an established and more costly one,  is it not in your interests to encourage by various means, those in that country who can be a big stick in your indirect hand to smash that competition for your product in the nations which you have decided to send your product to?

We are surrounded by the withered and withering leaves of failed and failing industrial enterprises. Farmers cannot find markets for their product, and the savings of many years by thousands of families are gone! Only a foolish optimist would deny the dark reality of the moment.

Mankind is born free, but is everywhere in chains! (Rousseau)  The strongest chains are those which delude us into thinking that people who represent the interest of another country, can actually represent our own interests!

The real world is filled with ambitious  and power hungry people, and they exist in every ethnic group without exception.

The real world is inhabited by greedy people, and greedy groups of people. Without meaning to heap scorn and scandalous insult on our political system,  based on their performance lately it seems like an obvious and glaring target for these kind of labels.

The real world,  is populated by people with power and influence who try to expand that power in narcissistic and nepotistic ways by elevating their spouses or their relatives or their old school mates into positions that will reward all of them.

The real world of today is permeated by a barren wasteland of post Christian nihilism where most people seem to  follow the eleventh commandment.."Thou shalt not get caught".  Lance Armstrong from sport, Craig Thompson and Michael Hutchinson from the HSU scandal. Even Sir Billy Sneddon, former prime minister who died while engaging in sexual intercourse with his son's ex girlfriend!

The first thing we learn in Economics at university is that people operate on the level of 'self interest'.
This real world is also not a united world. Whenever politicians stand up to slash and burn the opposition in parliament, we are told this is 'robust debate'...but if anyone stands in the streets like us now, we are told we are 'divisive, destructive, damaging and dangerous'.

Clearly, there is something wrong with the story.

We are the people! When we observe certain changes being made to our law, our culture, our economic system, or our social security we have legitimate reason to  raise such issues with our members of parliament.  If however, those concerns simply fall on self satisfied, complacent, arrogant  deaf ears,  we then have...not just a right, but an obligation to make our voices heard in the streets of this nation.

We see a political system that is vulnerable to exploitation by small,  well organized,  powerful  groups who seek to influence swinging voters, marginal seats and curse us with  hung parliaments.

We are inundated with tasteless political speeches and flooded with tantalizing but toothless policies, seductive and alluring yes, but deathly terminal in effect,  and we are sinking in an ocean of administrative duplication and   ideological gobbledygook and toxic social policy  and we are nagged incessantly by people who are the architects of the problems who now want us to make them the administrators of the solutions!

We see a small party of callous well disguised  lunatics determining how things will be,  in spite of the masses of people who did not vote for them, and would stand aghast at their policies.  When such groups use that power to undermine our freedoms, attack our values, destroy our sense of well being and fritter away our fiscal future...it is time to act.  But a repair job on such a situation calls for more than just words and pleasing sentiments, this nation calls for Action..and action Now!

We are here...to RECLAIM  AUSTRALIA for the vast majority of its people.

We are here to RECLAIM AUSTRALIA for the values we cherish and that made our nation great on the stage of history.

We are here to RECLAIM AUSTRALIA for our true history and enduring traditions.

In order to do this, we have a right to explain and educate the public about those things which, if left unchecked, will take us to a horrific Australiageddon of inter communal strife, social breakdown and economic ruin!

We are  here to RECLAIM Australia from challenges to and the infiltration of,  our legal system, our economic system, our culture and social harmony.


Fellow Victorians and Fellow Australians, I have seen the lightning flash of fierce hatred from the political Left, I've heard the thunderous roar of indignant self righteousness from the disturbed  Political Right, and I've felt the hobnailed bully boot from the Left and the wingtip Jackboot from the Right as they both  tried to stomp on my soul and stamp out our ideas.  But the spirit of this nation is upon me, to bring liberty to the economic captive, sight to the politically blind,  strength to the socially paralyzed , and that spirit drives me to  maintain  the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith!

We have endured the cross winds of political intrigue, from the Left and the Right. We have often been at cross purposes with the vested economic interests of small groups of loud powerful people on both sides of the political spectrum,  now we find we are in the cross hairs of their hatred and loathing because our nation is at a cross road and it seeks direction!

we CHALLENGE their special privilege,
we CHALLENGE their cozy  and selective wealth creating enterprises and mates rates, jobs for their offspring and relatives and
we CHALLENGE their old boy and girl networks that they rely on to plunder the nations wealth for their own group of supporters.

We are not perfect people, we don't even have a party, yet, but as individuals and as a rising sign of the times, we do have a perfect calling:

Our calling is to create a society which looks after our own first and foremost.

Our calling is to make sure that none of our family is denied enough food or medical attention because of the color of their skin, and that includes white skin,  or because of their individual circumstances of genuine poverty.

Our calling is to ensure that no Australian citizen is pushed back in the cue for important dental and medical care or housing because the misguided government wants to  give those things to non citizens who forced themselves on us illegally.

Our calling is to lift this nation up out of the quicksand of economic recklessness and on to the solid rock of responsible government in the National Interest!

Our calling is to crush small groups of loud evil people who's only interest is to destroy our nations moral and economic fabric and our morale  and replace it with a  flawed and failed  system of so called 'progressive' values that undermine the present and wreak havoc on the future we will never have.

They attack us below the waterline, wreck our institutions amidships, and demand to navigate the ship of State to a future destination that we know by common sense is one of utter futility and stupidity

It would be fatal for these groups to overestimate their own impact, or to underestimate the determination of our people to remove their ideas from the surface of our soil and send them on a journey of no return.

Today is the day, this is the hour and NOW is the moment when we take transform our  meeting and turn it  into a movement.

Will YOU be a part of this great moment in history?
Will YOU take up your weapons of superior ideas and use them to demolish the arguments of the extremist fringe dwellers?
Will YOU commit to become part of a study/discussion group that can be part of an Australia wide network of renewal?

Becuse if not, let me leave you wit the words of a former president of the United States who said:

We are at war with the most dangerous enemy mankind has ever faced in his long climb from the swamps to the stars. It is said that if we lose that fight, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will look back and remark with the greatest astonishment, that those who had the most to lose, did the least to stop it happening!

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