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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Paul Howes -From Rabid Revolutionary to Crony Capitalist

Paul Howes spent his miguided youth as a raging rabid revolutionary marxist type. He was a member of Melbourne Resistance the radical communist protest group commonly termed 'rent-a-crowd'. But after an epiphany of a hob nailed boot style reality check when he went to the Marxist Utopia of Cuba,  he returned to join the pin stripped parade of pampered privileged politicians who run super-annuation funds ....for the 'workers' of course.... it's always 'for the workers' when former revolutionaries re-manufacture themselves and begin rising up the ladder of corporate comfort.

They cozy up to the big guns of organized labor, and crave the high life plundering the workers hard earned Union dues and super contributions, squandering them on high living and high rise penthouses... all in the name of 'workers rights' - we must never forget that.

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