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Monday, March 2, 2015

My pathetic, loser, drug crazed alchoholic son!

Have you ever felt like that as a Dad or a Mum about your teenage child?  I did!  I watched this little boy, of whom I have such cherished and innocent childhood memories spiral down down down into drug abuse, alcoholism, crime, vandalism, expulsion from schools during his teenage years... and almost despaired of life itself.  Once he came home from being in a far off place in an unworkable , doomed relationship (if you could call it that) in another state with an older girl who had 3 children (to more than one father)   battered, bruised and beaten...and bowed. "Dad...you were right"... hoping against hope that this confession would lead instantly to a new heart, a new life and a drug and alcohol free future, I was devastated to see him still in the grip of the grog and nicotine.

He still had a few prodigal steps to go before he hit rock bottom, and for me that was when he 'borrowed' my daughters unregistered car, (him without a licence that he'd lost ages ago due to drunk driving offenses) and went to buy some grog.  There he was, back at our place, fortunately having  avoided any police in his tragic journey to the bottle shop... and all of his condition was on display before my eyes, something he had always tried to hide. he had stopped caring about who saw him.

He had no education to speak of, managed to get to year 10, but dropped out. We even sent him to a private school for a couple of years, but due to lack of interest, no commitment and low marks they gave him the boot of 'school reputation first, people second'.  I had a glimmer of hope during that time because there was ONE teacher who saw beyond his faults to his need and to his potential. To my amazement there was one test in maths where he got an A.... this was due to the teacher taking an interest in the person more than the product (manufactured by the private school).

He finally decided "now is the time" to be rid of all the things which had been dragging him down for so long. His strategy was simple.... a bit of 'him' time, solo, away from everthing for some 'neural transformation' to put it in psychological terms. He went away an addicted drunk, and came back a clean soul. It's been 5 yrs now, clean.

But for a brief moment, imagine how you would feel when this same son gets involved in a the  field of creative Mass media, pulls together a top team  of people, including one  being a QC and prime ministerial advisor, and announce.. "Dad.. I'm going to university to do a Masters"... well you could have blown me down with a feather.

I was wondering how you can do a Masters degree without an undergrad degree?  Apparently, the powers to be feel he has sufficient experience and know-how to go directly into a Masters program. If this was not enough to produce a warm glow in my heart bigger even than the Czar bomb,  when he said he want's to then do a Doctorate... well.. get the ICU on standby,  call an Ambulance,  I'm going to need it due to the shock!

But as they say.. "It's a good shock!"

So, from academic and career zero, he now makes moves to become a superhero of  his chosen field, and I am happy to leave this world in the confidence that things worked out ok in the end.

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