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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Greenies are at it again in Kilsyth!

Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia.

Yep.. on my morning walk today, I passed through some pristine (kind of) bush at the back of the burbs... as I came out of this little patch of paradise, I noticed some 'human beings' rummaging away in the block next to it.  I greeted them and ask what they were up to. "We are gathering rare plants to grow them for replanting" was the gist of it.

Well.. the whole area looks like there has been a plague in the region, with lots of signs to the effect "KEEP TO THE PATHS" and "Protected flora in this area", yet there they were.. secateurs in hand,  cutting and mangling native wildlife in the name of 'conservation'..... doing things in fact that would normally attract a HUGE fine... and here they are on ...'private property'.... which made me wonder who owned the place.

I quizzed them about the person who had claimed there is a unique Orchid that "Only grows in this area in the whole world" (speaking of an area about 300m x 400m in area)... I asked them 'how did he know it grows nowhere else?"  aaah they said..."He did a botanical study, consulted orchid records and also this kind of soil is such and such a kind".  I asked if this bloke had done a 'grid' based search of the area, and covered every square inch of the bush there to find if there were more?....*silence*... then I asked if he'd checked or considered if there were not more of this Orchid in the Dandenongs behind us?  "Nope..wrong type of soil" they said... but the identical type of terrain and soil if found by the hundreds of hectares around Lysterfield along Wellington road... has he checked there???
Can he be sure that others who did a study of the area did a grid based assessment?  Highly doubtful.

Aah... it's a religious cult if you ask me.. operates more by irrational faith than by sight.

The Kilsyth South Spider-orchid
Caladenia sp. Aff. Venusta (Kilsyth South) is endemic to Victoria occurring in Kilsyth within the Victorian Gippsland Plain Bioregion. The Kilsyth South Spider-orchid is considered to be a short-range endemic at present as no records exist to indicate a formerly more widespread distribution. However, searches through Herbarium material may reveal mis-identified specimens placed withCaladenia venusta or closely related taxa. Approximately 23 plants are known in the wild, in a single population. Former abundance is unknown but likely to have been at least twice current numbers at the existing site. The Kilsyth South Spider- orchid occurs on private property and is not reserved.

Kilsyth Sth Spider Orchid.
 It certainly would be a pity if this beautiful plant was lost. I'm sure it didn't help with a herd of Greenies trampling down the bush floor in the very area where it exists.....on private property. Nor did it help, (now that I know where the plant resides) that Maroondah Council, after erecting numerous signs telling people of the conservation status of the area, then went and TORCHED the place burning the whole area to a crisp.

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