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Sunday, March 29, 2015

"FxxK my parents".... and the decline of America.

In a discussion on philosophy and natural law, a professor I studied under once referred to  natural law is a kind of feeling of 'right' that all people have about 'obvious' things.  Example. We would never accept food and nourishment from our parents and then hurl abuse at them. Other examples abound, but this one is relevant to the story behind this blog entry.

In some news coverage of the American 'Spring Break', a team of reporters interviewed ad hoc teenagers they came across on the beach, as the teens were partying and playing. Booze was free flowing like a waterfall, and the teens had one major objective... to drink drink and drink until, to quote one girl.. "I pass out".   I don't know how many stories of drunken girls being use for non consensual sex  under that condition by opportunistic males come to mind, but I can think of quite a few!

The most intense symptom of just how low some people have come, and one individual in particular, was in a girl who was very attractive, sexy and well shaped, who was asked "How would your parents feel about all this?" replied... "Fxxk my parents".

It seems fairly obvious to me, that this girl 'had it all'.... a plentiful supply of money, parents who indulged her every wish, and had never set boundaries for her.  I just wonder how this girls own children (should any brain damaged man be silly enough to marry her and procreate) would view her exclamation about her parents?

Some people say Karma will repay you. The Christian principle is.. "a person will reap whatever they sow".  This girls journey in life can only ever have one end... she will live by her narcissism to the point where she encounters an even more narcissistic individual who murders her or, when she does not get her way, she will murder someone.  She will be one of those 'cutesy girls' like Jodie Arias who murdered her boyfriend in a frenzied knife attack.

Arias the voluptuous femme fattale

Arias on trial- "the gentle Librarian"

America seems to be held captive and hostage by powerful but evil 'progressive' forces who claim that the desire to censor certain things is 'authoritarian' and therefore bad.  Tell that to the parents of the victim of the story below! It is not only clear to reasonable people that the Media effects people, and that violent games and movies can produce or encourage the same behavior in some of the viewers, but it is scientifically proven. (study any course on psychology!)   The whole situation becomes bizarre and surreal when impressionable children take their games or TV series to heart to the point where they believe it is real....see below:

Two 12-year-old American girls have appeared in court in chains and prison uniforms accused of repeatedly stabbing a school friend in an effort to please a fictional internet demon-like character named Slender Man.
The girls have been charged as adults with attempted murder after luring their victim, also aged 12, to woods near their homes in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and trying to kill her in a frenzied knife attack, according to court documents.
They allegedly told detectives that they had been planning to kill their classmate for months because they wanted to join the cult of Slender Man, a creature from an online horror story website who they believed was real.
They wanted to become "proxies" for the character by proving their loyalty with the murder and intended to run away to his mansion, the court complaint said. (source)

 So, what values and foundation should a Nation seek after?  America already had them in the founding fathers and pledge of allegiance. The pillars on which America was based are still the best they can have. The spirit of the 10 Commandments (not as law, but as principles) should be promoted everywhere and at all times.  Belief in, and fear of God is healthy, and certainly a long way up from the sordid swamps of video game pseudo reality!

What about you?

Can 'you' do anything? Sure.... you can not just do anything, you can do plenty!  I never forget the story of Billy Sunday, and 'old time religion' type preacher of the early 20th century (died 1935).  How much is determined by things we never thought.....Billy Sunday was a baseball great.....

On a Sunday afternoon in Chicago, during either the 1886 or 1887 baseball season, Sunday and several of his teammates were out on the town on their day off. At one street corner, they stopped to listen to a gospel preaching team from the Pacific Garden Mission. (he was soon converted to Christ).

In the spring of 1891, Sunday turned down a baseball contract for $3,500 a year to accept a position with the Chicago YMCA at $83 per month. Sunday's job title at the YMCA was Assistant Secretary, yet the position involved a great deal of ministerial work. It proved to be good preparation for his later evangelistic career. For three years Sunday visited the sick, prayed with the troubled, counseled the suicidal, and visited saloons to invite patrons to evangelistic meetings.

Sunday was not a perfect person, not by any stretch, but his preaching against 'booze' was so effective that the industry offered him around $30,000,000 in today's money to stop preaching!
"I am the sworn, eternal and uncompromising enemy of the Liquor Traffic. I have been, and will go on, fighting that damnable, dirty, rotten business with all the power at my command."

Sunday impacted millions of lives and hundreds of thousands of people found salvation in Christ through his ministry.  I'm doing all I can to prepare myself for a coming day when I will be a lot more than just a grandpa who runs a small business. I am daily moulding my mind....preparing my heart, and sharing the Gospel of grace with whoever will listen.   Who knows, perhaps one of those listeners will be a modern Billy Sunday or a Billy Graham?

13 Moses answered the people, ‘Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. 14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.’ (Exodus 14).

The problem with many of us, is...we made a stand for Christ along ago, but we are still just standing....not moving on... we are sitting on the premises rather than standing (and moving forward)  on the promises!

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