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Thursday, March 19, 2015

(Opinion) The Dishonorable Mark Dreyfus, the 'Hypocrite Uber Alles' of the Australian Parliament!

The headline above is my opinion.  It's an opinion that has some generous support from the facts. Dreyfus is the Australian shadow attorney General (God help us!) and today he feined crocodile outrage over Prime Minister Tony Abbot's mention of the Opposition leader Bill 'Shortsheet', as the "Joseph Goebells of Economic policy".

Goebells having worked as Hitlers propaganda minister and who prepared the German nation psychologically for the Holocaust, and no surprise that Dreyfus is...Jewish!   Now.. by what twisted standard of parliamentary logic and rabid ethnocentrism should Dreyfus try to hip and shoulder them all into collective guilt for something done to 'his' people?  Considering that the holocaust "Industry" has been on turbo charge and the mass media mainlining on bent ideological steroids for so long now, with never less than at least 2 anti Hitler documentaries being found on the History chanel or other Foxtel source at any time.  This selective outrage by the Dreyfus and his Jewish "holocaust industry" has become so pervasive, that the blunt fact of reality that  more non Jewish people people lost their lives in Hitlers death camps and Stalins purges and Mao's cultural revolution than Jews in Germany.  Of a total of around 61 million,  deaths:

Stalin slaughtered:  20million Russians and other slavs
Mao murdered :  30 million ideologically 'impure'  Chinese
Hitler roasted 11 million.... 6 million Jews and 5 million non Jews.

Now.. considering also some local history, where Dreyfus' parliamentary leader Bill (one sandwich short of a picnic) Shorten, has ALSO used holocaust imagery against Tony Abbott, we must ask..WHERE was Mark Dreyfus outrage then? Oh.. I get it,  Shorten and Dreyfus are political allies!  OH.. yep.. uh huh.. I see it... 'that' makes such venom quite ok if it suits Dreyfus' political ambition. Paul Murray lifted the lid and pulled the blankets back to reveal the sordid hypocrisy by Dreyfus, Shorten and many others in the Labor ranks who have used 'Goebells' type imagery in attacks on their political enemies.

DREYFUS -"MIA/AWOL" from the outrage army when his Jewish co legal pundit Ron Merkel, (former federal court Judge) said to Jewish Judge Mordecai Bromberg in the Federal court that Andrew Bolts articles on fair skinned aboriginals were "Like the beginning of the holocaust".... Nope..I don't recall hearing a peep out of Dreyfus the dragon...no fire breathing yelling of insult, or  'from the rooftops' exclamations of injustice, insult or insinuation against the vast majority of Australians...*nothing!*.

Dreyfus would be well advised to read up on the history of Dr Goebells Propaganda activities and from where he derived his inpiration about the methods... he got them from non other than Edward Bernays, Jewish author of the book "Propaganda" in the 20s.. the specific book Goebbels used was the one titled "Crystalizing Public Opinion" also by Bernays, who happened to be the nephew of Sigmund Freud the father of psychoanalysis, and both of them were Jewish!

I do hope you the reader will keep this in mind next time you evaluate political outrage by the likes of "Hyporcrite Uber Alles" Mark Dreyfus!

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