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Monday, March 2, 2015

CNN, Nemtsov and Bill Browder, Critic of Putin, but is there more to this man ?

CNN this morning.  In the aftermath of the execution of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, CNN was interviewing what I would term 'selected'  public figures to present the story in a way that will resonate with a 'selected' audience.
let's face it.. every story that is chosen, has an audience, and the bigger strategic  objectives of the news agency in mind. I could be no other way, because this process involves humans... us.

Bill Browder as scathing in his criticism of Putin this morning on CNN, and when I see 'anti Putin' critics living loud and large, alarm bells ring in my mind about what interests are at work behind the scenes.

So let's analyze the story this morning in terms of what CNN is trying to achieve and how this could relate to the specific people chosen for interview.

 CNN is in the 'open society/George Soros' camp and could also be described as "progressive". Putin is anathema to those things. Soros claims to have undermined a number of former Soviet bloc nations and brought about revolutions by funding and promoting these events from afar like a puppet master. Soros is Jewish.

Most of the thieving corrupt greedy oligarchs who stripped Russia of it's main industries for their own hunger and lust for money were Jewish.  Nemtsov was half Jewish. (Mother) Now we come to this Browder.

Welllll... this joker is the son of the  leader (Earl Browder)  of the KKK of the Left, the American Communist Party.

Bill Browder and Edmond Safra founded Hermitage Capital Management in 1996 for the purpose of investing initial seed capital of $25 million in Russia. The business was very successful, profiting from the wave of privatizations occurring in Russia at that time, and increased its investor base substantially.

In short... the Capital funds managed by Browder and Safra (look up that bloke too.. for your own information) were used, it seems by those scurrelous oligarchs mentioned earlier to facilitiate their plundering of State resources.
Browder's mother was Jewish, and the Oligarchs are/were mostly Jewish, and Safra is Jewish and a member of a banking family from Aleppo Syria.

Make of it what you will.   But there seems to be a common ethno/religious theme running through all this that tends to persuade me of an ethnic conspiracy. 

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