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Friday, March 6, 2015

Argentine Prosecutor Nisman Murder...what's really going here ? (Kirchner vs Nisman- is this Spy v Spy from Mad?)

It looks like a re-run of a particular trial in 1931 when a certain 'lawyer' named Hanz Litten who prosecuted Hitler over an incident when a Communist social club was attacked by National Socialists.  Before you get all wound up against the NS group, keep in mind that at this stage, none of the bad stuff had happened. It was just a struggle between two socialist groups that hated each other. Both the political Left and the Right had their paramilitary goons and in terms of violence it was 6 of 1, half dozen of the other so to speak.

In fact.. it could be persuasively argued on the evidence that the later darkness of the holocaust was in part caused by the impression on Hitlers mind of these "internationalist" socialists who wanted Germany to come under the sway of the Soviet Union, as evidenced by the Bavarian revolution in 1918/19. "They called it the Bavarian Soviet Republic" If you examine that revolution, you will see the name Kurt Eisner prominently involved. I suggest you do a wiki on that name and see his 'early life' to find what ethnicity he was, and it was not....German.

On Hans Litten  we find he is described by the BBC as follows:

But here he was, (Hitler) being interrogated about the violence of his paramilitary thugs by a young man who represented everything he despised - a radical, principled, fiercely intelligent Jewish lawyer called Hans Litten.

Take very careful note of the spin in that story:
a) Hitler had..'paramilitary thugs' (which the Left also had but this is not mentioned)
b) Letten is described as.."radical, principled, fiercely intelligent" (is he a god?)

Back to the present. On the one hand we have the President of Argentina    

Blue Corner........Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner

On the other hand we have this 'prosecutor'

Red Corner........Natalio Alberto Nisman

Do you notice anything about those names? Do they sound 'spanish' to you ?  The first names do, no question there..but... "Kirchner" and "Nisman" ???  they sound well.... rather 'German' ish to me... well let's dig.

KIRCHNER "early life" 
Fernández was born on February 19, 1953, in Tolosa, a suburb west of La Plata, Buenos Aires Province. She is a daughter of Eduardo Fernández (of Spanish heritage), a bus driver; and Ofelia Esther Wilhelm (of German descent)

NISMAN  "Early life"

Born into a Jewish family in Buenos Aires, Alberto Nisman started his career as a prosecutor in Morón, Buenos Aires. He was married to judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado, with whom he had two daughters.

Interesting don't you think ?

If this is the beginning of a Jew/German hostility conspiracy theory, the blow fly in the breakast cereal is the fact that Argentines Foreign Minister is also Jewish.. Hector Timerman.  (appointed by Kirchner) Looking him up I found an interesting element to his background. Here it is:

He was named editor-in-chief of La Tarde, one of a number of periodicals owned by his father, in 1976, and steered the daily in support of the newly installed dictatorship.

Note the word "steered"...?  His father owned a 'number' of periodicals... consider this. If one man of a particular non indinenous ethnicity owns a large number of periodical newspapers or magazines... would it surprise you if such a person used that power to 'interpret' reality in a particular way and for reasons of personal ambition and ethnic interest ?

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