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Friday, February 6, 2015

You know so much, but do so little. The danger of a "knowledge only" life.

There is so much easily accessible information out there for every field of human endeavour.  Be it science, Sociology, Politics, Engineering... it's all out there, much of it on MP3 format. So, for the person who is passionate about knowing and finding out, you are set!  But what next?

Ok.. now you know 'the meaning of life', the  true human nature, the best political system, the most workable social system... (mild exaggeration you might say)  but knowing all this is rather pointless if you are paralyzed from translating it into some terrific kind of action and taking a few knocks along the way.

It's bit like a person who knows the cure for cancer, but is so thrilled at his profound knowledge all he can do is race around to seminars saying "I've got the cure" but does not lift a finger to actually heal a cancer victim.  I suppose that we look for  some kind of reward for doing something about these things. Political Predators, Health hucksters, Legal leeches.... we hate em, but do we hound em into confession or contrition?  I do my bit here and there, and have put my body on the line a few times, and been attacked physically at some protests. I don't just talk the talk...I walk!

Let me just say that when you rise up out of the quicksand of mediocrity, out of the swamps of sallow shameful laziness and get OUT THERE..... oh my... you won't need any drug to feel an incredible 'high'!  It's exhilarating, it's exciting, it's ... a rush!  Even when people give you a hard time, you know that you are making a difference rather than just being a cringing  couch potato at home  watching the world go by rather than driving it along!  It's no fun being a feeble spectator, a useless onlooker, a pathetic passer-by.

THE HUGE LIE... is something you will face in your efforts to bring some renewal to society, and that lie will usually come from the political Left. They will harass, annoy, steal, destroy... anything that will (they hope) shut you up and silence your message.  The current largest lie in the world relates to Islam.. and this is that lie "Islam is Peace".

There is a grain of truth in that statement but it depends entirely on the world being in subjection to Islamic rule established by force. Everything that ISIS are doing can be shown to be something Muhammad himself did or condoned, hence the 'lie' of the Western Media that I regularly witness, such as this morning ".....is against the pure values of Islam" was the banner headline that I suspect was about some activity of ISIS.

There is the painful problem!  Isis are 'good' Muslims if you use Muhammad and the early history of Islamic expansion as your model. So... I am prepared to oppose this lie, to denounce that message and to highlight the need to follow Aussie Law, not Sharia law.  I am in this video holding a poster.  The protest was swamped by an orchestrated crowd of socialists, anarchists and communists, most of non Australian background or, being sexual deviants.  They tried to stage an 'anti racism' rally. (dragged out there most convenient banner) claiming we were 'racists' for protesting against sharia law. There were a few Muslims present.. a very small number.

May 15th 2011  Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria, Anti Sharia protest.

Today also, I wrote a lengthy email to Victoria police regarding the huge lie propagated by our Government and the senior Police as well.  We will have 'boots on the ground' soon in Melbourne for another outing of a demonstration nature.

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