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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why Treasury Repair is almost impossible in an Adversarial Representative Democracy.

We've all heard the term "Budget Repair" from Joe Hockey and the Prime Minister and their gang.. but it's not the budget that needs repairing it's 'Bank Balance',  the Treasure in the Treasury.  (Is there any?)

The problem comes when the political Left "We care about People" the Labor and it's evil spawn of satan, the Green watermelons,  has a particular kind of DNA....it's called the "Spend everything we can, (and even what we can't)  to make ourselves popular and to look 'caring' to that poor bewildered herd out there who vote for us".

It is this dysfunctional political DNA that trashes the Treasury and almost terminates the next generation's prosperity, hurling it headlong into a morass of fiscal quicksand and  mayhem that only superman could lift us out of.

Then, along come the Liberals and Nationals.  They have a different DNA...it's called "Mend, mind and remake the financial condition of the nation"  but along the way of course, the 'politics' of having power and privilege tends to collaborate to seduce them into an arrogance that gets on the nose quick smart.   An example of how the 'position' and knowledge of what's going on is seen in Arthur Sinodinos , apparently thought it 'nothing to see here' for him to skim a cool $17,000,000 on the way through with some water authority related entity that he had something to do with...hence him being called to the corruption commission to make a response.

But the damage done by the Left leaves us languishing in a leviathan like mountain of debt and decay, that the only possible reaction to fix it is usually to sell off more assets...even those that are making a profit!  Then the Left blames the 'evil right' (Qld Election 2015) for selling assets! 

Let's never forget, that politics is about power, and those who have it, no matter how much they might deny it, are in it for themselves and the economic, industrial and business interests who put them in power. Both sides are the same.

Our adversarial system is broken beyond repair and because of it's very nature, was never destined to work for the Nation as a whole.


If you are interested....'this' is it.


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