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Friday, February 6, 2015

Why have the Australian Federal Police NOT Arrested and charged Jasmine Pilbrow with Aircraft hijacking?

Jasmine Pilbrow 'hijacked' an aircraft at Melbourne Airport.  (The link includes video of Pilbrow in the plane with police). She, an apparently some others, refused to sit down unless a certain passenger was taken off..(a person in the custody of the Immigration dept)

When I rang the AFP at Melbourne Airport  to inquire 'why' she was not arrested...I was told.. with an exasperated sounding voice.. "You want the reason? Ok.. "operational reasons"...there, you have your answer"!

Meanwhile, when the daughter of the owner of Korean Air does a huge dummy spit over how nuts were served to her and she had a tantrum that caused the plane to come back to the boarding area.... she is taken into custody and they are talking about a possible 10 yrs sentence.

Draw our own conclusions about who is pulling the strings of our AFP.

The 2 police looked confused, disoriented, fearful of 'do' ing anything. They are a disgrace.

I can say one thing with extreme confidence....it is NOT you and I  and the community, nor is it the law..so who does that leave?

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