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Monday, February 2, 2015

Melbourne Airport Protest: Which comes first...the Law or my DEMANDS?

Today at Melbourne Airport, a left wing lunatic serial pest protestor named Jasmine Pilbrow, 21  invaded a plane (bought a ticket from Melbourne to Darwin) and then refused to sit down unless an assylum seeker was removed from the plane. 

I could not even begin to count the number of laws this must be breaking, including skirting around the border of hijacking laws, but the end result was that the protester was NOT arrested and the Assylum seeker was removed from the Plane!  How about hijacking laws?  OH WAIT.... I think I suddenly get it.... we've just been cursed with a Labor Government.... a Government led by the Left...

I just rang Australian Federal Police, and asked to know the reason why the protestor was not arrested.... and I was told.. "Operational Reasons".....the tone in that policeman's voice was very short and blunt.  I suspect that he had been 'told' by the Labor political string puller masters to play down this issue.

I guess that explains everything.

I wonder how this pest would feel if people rocked up at her or her parents home and gave them an equally hard time? Her name is interesting, and there is  only 1 resident  listed with that name in Alice Springs which is where Pilbrow comes from.

Pilbrow C & J 18 Woolla Crt, Larapinta NT 0870 
(08) 8955 0882
Perhaps a few inquiring phone calls might help shed light on whether this is her home?

This rabid ratbag of a girl (that's my opinion) ranted and raved like a spoiled child in the plane, and she is also part of a whacko bunch of nutjob "Peace" protesters who are trying to endanger life and shut down our SAS training centre at Swan Island, near Geelong. It's ironic, that these drongo's have not the slightest clue that the peace they currently enjoy, the language they speak, the culture they share is all due to various battles and wars, bloody and violent, that gave them to us by defeating the forces of unadulterated evil.

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