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Monday, February 23, 2015

When Law means *nothing* to the Australian Federal Police.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a member of the AFP at a family social function... it so happened that  he works in a section that I recently had taken issue with on a matter of serious law enforcement and national security. I had pointed out previously to other members of this same section, that a certain person had flagrantly broken more laws than would fill a legal library, but that no action had been taken by the Police, other than to cave in to the demands of the lawbreaker.

When I rang  the relevant section and asked  'why' no action had been taken against this individual, the short sharp reply came.."operational reasons".  The incident had to do with what was in effect, a very serious crime that I prefer not to mention.  I felt so incredibly vulnerable, depressed and powerless when  I disgustedly put the phone down after that call I can assure you.  Can you imagine police allowing a rapist to flee unchallenged and when you inquired 'why'  be told  "operational reasons" ?  So...to be mildly vulgar "Pissed off" does not even begin to describe my disappointment with the Police on this issue.

But now...there I was, with a member of that very section at a social gathering. He was so close to the person who answered the phone to me, that he said  "Hmm..I wonder who that was...I work there".. Well..I gave him a serve if "Irate public"...not directed at him personally, but to the bloke who answered the phone...who he would easily be able to identify!  Now that's what I call 'satisfying'...not quite up there with the vengeance of the Count of Monte Christo when he dealt with those who had abused him, but still very fulfilling to know that I can get the message right to the source of my irritation.

I SAW THE LIGHT.......  In our conversation, he explained that they operate not so much on the basis of Law....but on the political tightrope that places them between the law and their political masters. I told it exactly as I saw it.. "So...the law means nothing?"  "yes" he replied.  Most of us probably already accept this, but in our naive desire to have security and a safe place to live, we tend to idealize the police as the defenders of good and the enemies of evil. Nah...no such luck.

So...where does this put you and me in regard to how our society functions? How should we regard our laws? Do they stand by themselves on our behalf as a social contract between the governed and the government, where we give up some of our liberties in order to have some agreed guarantee of our safety?

If the public gains the perception that the law is a joke and the police are 'useful idiots' in the political process, the public will lose respect for the law and society will crumble.  It really is that serious.   We will devolve into narcissistic tribalism and it will be every one for themselves.... in short.. "Mad Max IV"

I STAND ON THE ROCK.  To quote Patrick Henry in a speech that brought the United States into existence from the tyranny of King George. "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death".  He said that in the faces of a gaggle of politically correct geese,  who had vested interests in cozying up to and cowering at the feet of  the British establishment.

Today it's not King George who is our enemy, or the enemy of freedom and liberty, but it is his ideological great grandchild in the form of our own current political establishment that includes both major parties. On April 4th, there are Nationwide rallies   under the banner "Reclaim Australia"... I have a feeling I'll be there, at our local one in Melbourne  and you never  know.. might even be making a speech. 

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