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Thursday, February 19, 2015

We can't beat them by killing them (ISIS) (Maree Harf US State Dept)

Of all the lunatic, brain damaged, intellectually challenged buffoons out there...I never thought I'd hear such a travesty of truth, such carnage of politics, such skewed sociology and  plain simple ignorance of fact, ... as bad as this 'you can't make this up' statement from Maree Harf of the US State Dept making a public statement about how to approach ISIS.

"We can't kill them all, we have to give them jobs"  "We cannot kill our way out of this war".....

I'm lost for words.. I mean.. this 'jobs' thing is so loopy that it challenges the English language to find sufficiently strong terms of condemnation for it...   But I do have to say one primary thing..

If this is the level of State Dept thinking and lack of understanding about the religious motivation of ISIS, then the only thing that will save America is the Almighty...... or.. perhaps a Presidential Election that rids the nation of this mind numbingly inept and amateur mob currently there.

Lastly,  this ideology is at the root and core of what ISIS are doing. It is.."Islam" as practiced by Muhammad, and only a total ignoramus who has never studied their Prophet, scriptures and history would say otherwise.

That said... killing them is the ONLY way to defeat them. Jobs is neither here nor there.. who wants a 'job' when you already have the best job in world (in their minds)  Plunder from their victims,  as many young female sex slaves as they want, freedom to kill and slaughter with primal abandon all those who disagree with them...no such thing as Human Rights, and the only 'right' is their own might.

How did this kind of thing get 'handled' in the Old Testament?  It's worth noting when it comes to an enemy like ISIS.  You might say ... "Very instructive".

2 Kings 10

Ahab’s family killed

10 Now there were in Samaria seventy sons of the house of Ahab. So Jehu wrote letters and sent them to Samaria: to the officials of Jezreel,[a] to the elders and to the guardians of Ahab’s children. He said, ‘You have your master’s sons with you and you have chariots and horses, a fortified city and weapons. Now as soon as this letter reaches you, choose the best and most worthy of your master’s sons and set him on his father’s throne. Then fight for your master’s house.’
But they were terrified and said, ‘If two kings could not resist him, how can we?’
So the palace administrator, the city governor, the elders and the guardians sent this message to Jehu: ‘We are your servants and we will do anything you say. We will not appoint anyone as king; you do whatever you think best.’
Then Jehu wrote them a second letter, saying, ‘If you are on my side and will obey me, take the heads of your master’s sons and come to me in Jezreel by this time tomorrow.’
Now the royal princes, seventy of them, were with the leading men of the city, who were bringing them up. When the letter arrived, these men took the princes and slaughtered all seventy of them. They put their heads in baskets and sent them to Jehu in Jezreel. When the messenger arrived, he told Jehu, ‘They have brought the heads of the princes.’
Then Jehu ordered, ‘Put them in two piles at the entrance of the city gate until morning.’

The next morning Jehu went out. He stood before all the people and said, ‘You are innocent. It was I who conspired against my master and killed him, but who killed all these? 10 Know, then, that not a word the Lord has spoken against the house of Ahab will fail. The Lord has done what he announced through his servant Elijah.’ 11 So Jehu killed everyone in Jezreel who remained of the house of Ahab, as well as all his chief men, his close friends and his priests, leaving him no survivor.
12 Jehu then set out and went towards Samaria. At Beth Eked of the Shepherds, 13 he met some relatives of Ahaziah king of Judah and asked, ‘Who are you?’
They said, ‘We are relatives of Ahaziah, and we have come down to greet the families of the king and of the queen mother.’
14 ‘Take them alive!’ he ordered. So they took them alive and slaughtered them by the well of Beth Eked – forty-two of them. He left no survivor.
15 After he left there, he came upon Jehonadab son of Rekab, who was on his way to meet him. Jehu greeted him and said, ‘Are you in accord with me, as I am with you?’
‘I am,’ Jehonadab answered.
‘If so,’ said Jehu, ‘give me your hand.’ So he did, and Jehu helped him up into the chariot. 16 Jehu said, ‘Come with me and see my zeal for the Lord.’ Then he made him ride in his chariot.
17 When Jehu came to Samaria, he killed all who were left there of Ahab’s family; he destroyed them, according to the word of the Lord spoken to Elijah.

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