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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Under my Government, there will be NO Organized Labor, but there WILL be massive EMployment.

Please see my previous post about import replacement and new industries for the rationale behind this assertion above in the title.

In general, democratic/ 2 party adversarial political systems cannot 'create' jobs other than lash out on big infrastructure projects. They build infrastructure to facilitate private enterprise using it to make money for the nation. Unfortunately, with an adversarial 2 party system, it boils down to a bun fight about who get's to control the money, and then, only for half the population.

A government that has the national interest at heart, and is unencumbered by worrying about getting 're-elected', can focus on 5 yr plans of national reconstruction and expansion for the whole nations sake. This is how China works, but that nation has some serious problems with how it treats it's little ordinary people.

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