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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tony Abbott, from Blunder to Brawl to Brownout to...Bow out?

9.23am Monday 9th Feb  Australian Federal Coalition Leadership Squabble.

Blunder, Brawl (as I type), Browned off, bent, burned out, chucked out or bow out..... we will know in a few hours.

The political fortunes of the Coalition federal government of Australia are certainly on the blink. Nothing new here.. in fact it's about as inspiring as a slice of unbuttered raisin bread... I've long believed that the cranks in the parliamentary caves have about as much direction as a one legged centipede.

They squat on their parliamentary perches like a bunch of parrots, and pontificate about the perils of the other mob leading the nation. Labor and Liberal are 'strong equals' in all of this, with the Greens simply out of the picture because they are plain bizarre. Labor seems to have the edge though when it comes down to raw primal 'get and keep power at any cost'ism.. as Maxine McKew wrote after she took John Howards Prime ministerial seat of Bennelong.  She lost interest in the Labor machinations and 'fled the trenches' to write a book about it.

Tony baby will possibly be another political  KIA casualty of our adversarial political system,  and folks.. if there is one lesson I hope you all learn...it is this.. our adversarial political system is not only broken and bent....it's un-fixable in the sense of making it work effectively with competing parties and interests.

Before you zone out,  why not have a look at the only workable solution for this nation, as I understand it. Yes..this is my personal plug for the top job... but it won't be as leader of a "Party" it will be as leader of 'the only' party..... (I can hear the Lefty shrieks and see the Righty finger pointing even from here)  which will not be a party as such... because the very name suggests factionalism and self interest...nope..no interest in that. A footprint in history is worth much more than a financial reward from a Lotto win.

The  Political and  Social Renewal of Australia.

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