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Friday, February 13, 2015

Today at the Lilydale Post office.....

I went there for the rather boring task of renewing  my driving licence. I came back enriched by delightful human contact. There's something about long queues...the bring out the 'chatterer' in me. In the car just prior I'd been listening to John Fein on the matter of assylum seeker children in detention and Fein had both left and right viewpoints going at it hammer and tong...or was it sickle?

So..standing in line, I quickly sized up the 'sociability' factor of the pleasant looking woman in front of me and asked her if she listened to John Fein anytime. She explained how she had cut herself off from the news these days and was quite sick to death of politics and lived in a kind of world of unreality. Then she asked.."why?" (re Fein) and I explained the debate and we chatted for a while as we advanced in the line.

Then I broached the subject of public relations and psychological manipulation and how this has been used in politics then moved to my favorite subject Edward Bernays and the techniques he developed for sub conscious manipulation of the masses. (in the 20s)..Then I noticed as we chatted, that other people in the line were taking a keen interest in the subject  of our discussion. I used some fairly sophisticated psychology to make my point and people nearby were itching to jump in with nods and smiles and so on.... This underlined the reality that people really do enjoy and are hungry for social interaction with strangers when you scratch where they are itching on issues.  The main thing seems to be the ability to discuss rather than rant that people appreciate.

Finally, she said that my opening of her eyes had depressed her... and that she was going to take an 'upper' pill when she went home. I cordially assured her that knowledge is power..and that simply knowing these things should be an enabling and liberating factor in her life and by this time it was her turn at the counter.  I was called to the counter where they took the new updated photos' for my 10 yrs old licence.

I went through the process, had my piccy took, repeated my signature on the licence form, and paid my $mula  to the post office lady.  Then, suddenly I felt a light 'whack' on my rear end... it was the other lady who gave me a parting thump with a smile.   How precious. Going from not knowing someone from a bar of chocolate to having a confident social familiarity somewhat like you would with a sibling.

I left...went home... with a smile.

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