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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Ugly Corrupt Truth about the Bendigo Mosque...and it's not about "Islam" or Racism.

A proposal and planning application for a mega mosque at Bendigo Victoria Australia has gone thus far without serious challenge. It has been challenged, no question about that, but when you look behind the scenes, it reveals the murky, dirty hand of non free market capitalism (I am absolutely in favor of FREE market capitalism) and intrigue where the residents of Bendigo are being sold out by the black hand of vested interest by very wealthy people.. probably Liberal Party supporters. (I'm a social and political conservative myself, but when I see vile corruption, I'll call it out no matter what side of politics it's on).

Q& A

-How many Muslims in Bendigo?  Apprently there are around 35.
-Who on the Bendigo council supported the mosque application?
-Why might they do that?
-Does Donald Irskine, move and shaker of much in Bendigo, own large tracts of developable  residential land next to the proposed mosque?  (see the full story)
-Did Donald Irskin support the Mosque plan? (Yes)

-Have the pro mosque non Muslim councillors and businessmen managed to get the Bendigo Media to back their plans and ostracize the anti Mosque locals? (Yes)

-Do these various business interests have a financial interest in the Bendigo Media? (go figure)

It all boils down to this:  These business interests are so well connected to each other and the big end of Bendigo, that they are selling out Bendigo citizens for the sake of a huge profit and financial windfall. A sequence of events in relation to both the Bendigo Bank and Mr Erskine is worth looking at.

i) Erskine has 840,000 shares in the Bedigo Bank.
ii) Some of Erskine's family work in the bank.
iii) Erskine has residential land next to the land owned by the Mosque committee.
iv) The Bendigo Bank suddenly closed the accounts of those opposed to the Mosque.

See it?


Pickering Post:

Bendigo Rights group.

DO YOU CARE?  WHAT CAN YOU DO ? I'm assuming that any informed Aussie will care. You can join with us at Federation square on the 4th of April for a 'RECLAIM AUSTRALIA' Rally where these an other issues will be raised without apology.


RECLAIM AUSTRALIA  (facebook-Australia wide page)

RECLAIM AUSTRALIA  (facebook Melbourne)
(please note there is anothr page purporting to be 'the' Rally, which is meeting at the Shrine of Remembrance.... please avoid that one as it could get ugly)

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