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Sunday, February 15, 2015

"The Prophet exempted torture by fire" ISIS explains Islamic law.

Kasasbeh was seen being burnt alive before being run over by a bulldozer in a 22-minute-long video released by the terror group yesterday, in which the level of barbarism and brutality sunk to new lows, even by ISIS' depraved standards. (Daily Mail)

I'll refrain from posting the horrific image, I don't want it to distract from the necessary theological treatment of the ISIS reasoning.... which is crucial for the West to understand in order to know how to deal with it's own Muslim communities.
The first point needing to be hightlighted is that the Western Secular view of what ISIS did, is "beyond depraved" so this raises a very important question for our media coverage of all things Islamic. That question is.. "Did" Muhammad himself engage in, approve of, or order such torture?
Here is how ISIS see it based on their reading of the Islamic Hadith traditions (they emphasise 'authentic' hadith, meaning Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Dawood at least)
Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayib, the head of the Cairo-based Al-Azhar Sunni center, expressed his “strong dismay at this cowardly act” in a statement following the grisly murder of the Jordanian pilot, Agence France-Presse (AFP) and other media outlets report.
This “requires the punishment mentioned in the Koran for these corrupt oppressors who fight against God and his prophet: killing, crucifixion or chopping of the limbs,” he added.
“Islam forbids killing of the innocent human soul… It forbids mutilating the human soul by burning or in any other way even during wars against an enemy that attacks you,” continued Tayib.

I've singled out firstly, the 2 highlighted sections in red. The first one about crucifying is not relevant to this.  It applies in the Quran to those who make mischief inside an Islamic State...which IS declares itself to be. The second section about 'mutilating' is very important because it is exactly what Muhammad himself did to some prisoners who had abandoned Islam.  Here is the report:

Hadith Bukhari Volume 8, Book 82, Number 794:
Narrated Anas:
Some people from the tribe of 'Ukl came to the Prophet and embraced Islam. The climate of Medina did not suit them, so the Prophet ordered them to go to the (herd of milch) camels of charity and to drink, their milk and urine (as a medicine). They did so, and after they had recovered from their ailment (became healthy) they turned renegades (reverted from Islam) and killed the shepherd of the camels and took the camels away. The Prophet sent (some people) in their pursuit and so they were (caught and) brought, and the Prophet ordered that their hands and legs should be cut off and that their eyes should be branded with heated pieces of iron, and that their cut hands and legs should not be cauterized, till they die. 

So, clearly Muhammad thought nothing of mutilating living prisoners if it suited his purpose. On the issue of fire...we need to examine what IS actually used to justify this before explaining it.

Islamic State’s “Fatwa and Research Authority” issued a directive that said such burnings are “completely permissible” under Muslim law, (source)
The brief fatwa argues that “the Hanafis and Shafi‘is [two of Sunni Islam’s four orthodox schools of jurisprudence] permit burning” people.  It also cites the tafsir, or exegesis, of Muhalab ibn Safra (d. 702) concerning a statement attributed to the prophet of Islam:  “Only Allah torments with fire.” According to the tafsir, Muhammad’s assertion is not meant to ban jihadis from using fire to torment people but is rather a reflection of “humility”—pointing out that Allah alone can truly torment.
Next the fatwa quotes the eminent Hafiz ibn al-Hajar (d. 1449) who comments that “the deeds of the companions [of Muhammad] evince the permissibility of burning, and the prophet put out the eyes of the men of Urayna with heated iron [he also cut their hands and feet off], and Khalid bin al-Walid burned some of the people who apostatized.
In addition to the above, and in my view much clearer, is the case of the torture by fire of Kinana the Jewish Chief of the Khaybar Jews. (to find where the treasure was hidden)  This was ordered by Muhammad himself, and is recorded in Ibn Ishaq's history.  This comprehensive site discusses the event and also answers some Muslim criticisms of accepting it.

WESTERN GOVERNMENTS ARE CULPABLE!  They will denounce the cruelty of ISIS, but not go deeper to recognize that they model their behavior on Muhammad himself, even when ISIS explain the theological justification of the brutality.

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