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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Painful Macro-Economic Policy that Australia needs.

I'll use must my own state Victoria as an example.

Imagine.... the treasurer rocks up to Cabinet and says..."Folks.. I've got $500,000,000 surplus.. what would you like to do with that?"  My intuition tells me that with almost absolute certainty, the only thoughts that would arise in the minds of these political parrots is.. "What can I do with that to ensure my re-election next time".

But how does a Nationalist think ?  I'm referring to a Nationalist who does not believe for a microsecond in the shabby, sloppy, drooling, greedy opportunistic 'adversarial two party system' that we are currently cursed with.

Here is how he thinks:

With $500 million dollars, we can establish import replacing pilot schemes for a number of industrial or agricultural sectors. For example

Australia Imported 193,000 tonnes of seafood imported in financial year 2008/9, some 250 species/ products from aquaculture and wildcatch fisheries, had a landed cost of $1.3 billion and
an estimated final sales value of $4.5 billion.

 Is it not worthwhile considering the establishment of a massive aquaculture scheme in Australia to reduce our reliance on imports...provide jobs..and move toward an export situation?  Such a scheme must be insulated from any and all organized labor (which will not exist under my Government) and must make use of all technology that can give our production a 'competitive advantage' to cite David Ricado.  If such a project cannot be implemented WITH a competitive edge.. there is no point in attempting it.  Projects without the possibility of a competitive edge are the play things of party politics and greedy people. (see below..Tri Continental)

Where would such wonderful money come from ? (the 500Mil)...it's really easy... it would come from 4 yrs of fiscal pain.. to repay our $50,000,000,000  (50 billion) debt...(when I say 'pain'...I mean PAIN).    Then, as if by magic, we would have the INTEREST of $500,000,000 that we are currently paying free for use in actually benefiting the State rather than the electoral prospects of scurrilous Politicians.

Older Victorians will remember the economic travesty of the Labor led demise of the State Savings Bank of Vic...when it used it's political power to manipulate the Tri Continental investment arm of the State Bank to fund various 'bad loans'...  as John Cain once said.."We were not crooks, but we appointed a bunch of dills".

But that problem emerges from the flawed political system itself. People act in self interest, and politics is an avenue to fulfill that self interest. Back the right party, win..and be rewarded...even if you happen to be the most rancid toxic pestilential prawn on the Barby.

An adversarial 2 party system will never permit such economic advance for reasons outlined above.

Once that pilot industry project succeeds..(How can it fail considering our imports???) we can move on to the next one, whatever that might be.  Projects like this can be initially funded by public money, then sold to private enterprise when they are a going concern.  (Money returns to public hands.)

For each industry or agricultoral sector we succeed in, there is not just the improved balance of payments and eliminated debt...there is the vast improvement in GDP for each sector.

I am a Nationalist...and the above reasons are just part of 'why'.

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