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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Next Liberal Prime Minister of Australia will be......

I can easily say who it wont be....

-Joe Hockey... "Loose lips sink ships....(and political careers)"  Joe is a passionate, able and intense bloke, but his comment about 'the poor' probably did him irreparable harm political harm. Joe was right about so many things, and trying to do the right thing by the Nation (politics aside) in cleaning up the catastrophic Labor spending spree.... but.. those lips. Sorry Joe.

It could be.....

-Matuis (The Terminator) Korman
-Malcolm (Oh it's divine darlings!) Turnbull
-Scott  (TNP*) Morrison
-Julie (Miss goody 2 shoes) Bishop

My own informed guess is that it will be Scott (*Take no Prisoners) Morrison.

Morrison was educated at Sydney Boys High School, where he completed his Higher School Certificate, and other state schools. He went on to the University of New South Wales, where he received an honours degree in applied science, studying economics and geography.

ECONOMICS and DEMOCRACY.... where it all goes pear shaped.

The study of economics will inevitably lead the student to a volume called "The Manual of Political Economy" by a notable luminary of that field called Vilfredo Pareto who's works include:

Works in English translation

 Seems like a very well informed man.  He certainly knows human nature and this might explain the direction of his writings on such themes as "The Trasnformation"...of Democracy.  He is mostly known for something called the "Pareto Index".

Some economic concepts in current use are based on his work:
  • The Pareto index is a measure of the inequality of income distribution.
He argued that in all countries and times, the distribution of income and wealth is highly skewed, with a few holding most of the wealth. He argued that all observed societies follow a regular logarithmic pattern:
  1. \log N = \log A + m \log x
where N is the number of people with wealth higher than x, and A and m are constants. Over the years, Pareto's Law has proved remarkably close to observed data.
  • The Pareto chart is a special type of histogram, used to view causes of a problem in order of severity from largest to smallest. It is a statistical tool that graphically demonstrates the Pareto principle or the 80–20 rule.
  • Pareto's law concerns the distribution of income.
  • The Pareto distribution is a probability distribution used, among other things, as a mathematical realization of Pareto's law.
  • Ophelimity is a measure of purely economic satisfaction.
WHAT THIS MEANS.... The social experience of 'the masses' has been reduced to an equation. This equation essentially means that to be a successful politician in a representative democracy, you must make a bloke with $100 'feel' like you are giving him another $100, rather than just $1.00.  It's the art of deception, because usually you plan to only give $1.  If you waltz around the nation promising everyone with a hundred bucks in the bank that you'll give him one dollar more...he will be "Yawn" and quite indifferent. (Pareto has something called his 'Indifference Curve")  So this explains why Politicians always try to convince the masses they are going to flood them with abundance prior to an election.  Then, after the election they get that serious, furrowed brow look and blame the previous incumbents for the economic woes that will now prevent them from flooding you with goodies, and it ends up being a tiny trickle.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls said today’s 2014-15 Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review showed the Government had kept its promise to get the state’s finances back on track and back in the black.
“In 2015-16 we will deliver the first fiscal surplus for Queensland in a decade,” Mr Nicholls said.

The problem with that is... all this new whizbang LNG enterprise will mean $500 million in royalties to the Government....which owes $80 BILLION. Considering that  the Labor mob had overspent Qld to the brink of unfixable oblivion, this LNG royalty sounds pretty darn good...but it's a drop in the bucket compared to the debt. Even IF they used 100% of that money to repay debt, it would still take...wait for it...160 yrs to pay it all!  But Mr Nicholls is trying to make it 'sound' like the debt is on the way out and utopia is around the next corner.

When was the last time you contemplated this kind of background to Politics?  Probably never, and most of us get no further than agreeing with the last few paragraphs above. "Broken Promises" and our cynicism escalates to a point where, if unchecked, it leads to concentrated narcissism and a totally self centered life or "tribalism" where Trade Unions only ever act in the interests of their own members (they say) but the reality is, they act in the interests of their leadership and it's close connections.

Would it surprise you that my own conclusion on all this leads me to a rather different approach to Politics?

National Renewal for Australia

Social and Political Renewal for Australia

If you did end up reading that material linked above, you might look sideways at me a tad...."Hmm sounds like......" you can fill in the blank. But you might find an explanation in Plato's 5 regimes....looking at the last one in particular. Let me just say, that I would be more of a Cicero than a Caesar...and you will need to read up on that a bit to know what I'm hinting at.

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