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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Islamic Backlash against Progressive/Leftist Social Theory

Have you noticed it?   These main bullet points:

  • Leftist /Progressive political orientation is always 'pro-Muslim' and will call it 'racism' if anyone criticizes Islam.
  • The Left loves to attack anything Conservative. especially criticism of Islam.
  • The Left loves to mock conservative values and religion.
  • They also love to mock whoever they happen to think deserves a good serve of ridicule including Muhammad it appears.
Now we come to the Muhammad Cartoons, Charlie Hebdo Cartoons and the mayhem that has happened around those groups from Muslim radicals.

Since the first controversy over the Muhammad cartoons, various attempts have been made to kill the Danish cartoonist, including one in a cafe just this week. Then we had all these Lefties gathered at a meeting of what I like to call "The Commission" to use Mafia langauge,  at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, and wham bam thankyou maam many of them are gunned down by the very people they've defended  from the onslaughts of logic, reason and the conservative mind.

How many times have you heard the political and social Left blabbering about "You cannot condemn a whole people because of the actions of a few nut cases" Referring to movements like The English Defense League and 'Stop the Islamization of Europe'. 

What these lefties seem to be ignoring, is the trend right now in the middle east for the radical nutcases to become 'The State'. At least they are trying pretty hard to do that.  Once in power...they will reshape the mindset of the whole population along Salafist and Wahabist lines, which are aligned with Muhammad's own actions and teaching.

We are certainly in for interesting times ahead.

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