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Friday, February 20, 2015

The FIRST thing you do....

When you arrive at prison.. "Stab the first person who gives you lip"

When you are accepted for a new job  "Tell the boss....'if anyone bad mouths me to you, please tell me so we can sort it out'"

The first one above is a joke...(but apparently it does work)  The second one is specifically for those angelic types who just want to get on with their jobs, do it well, and rise through the ranks in the normal course of things based on merit and seniority.

NOW THE BAD NEWS.. There are a couple of 'personality types' to watch like a Hawk.... they are the 'ambitious backbiting type'  who will slander you to the boss, to raise his own hopes of promotion.  Then there are the lazy "just enough to get by" mob..who bitterly resent someone showing them up by using the time at work as efficiently as possible for the benefit of the company.  That type will slander you too, but for different reasons.

SO... GET IN FIRST... by alerting the boss to all this re you :)

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