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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Cost of a Life built on a Lie. The Ergun Caner Tragedy.

Most people tick along in life in the slow to medium lane....they just wan to get by. Some people develop a high public profile because of ambition, drive, need, even lust.  One question we all face no matter which lane we swim in, is... 'am I being honest'.

One fast mover and shaker in the evangelical Christian scene in the USA is one Ergun Caner. He built up his profile on the basis that he was:
-A former Muslim, now Christian.
-Trained in Jihad.
-Taught to hate Westerners.
-Has debated many important Muslim scholars.
Dr Ergun Caner

I won't go into the expansive  detail of all his claims, they are well documented, as are the expose's. I'm trying to point out how much a false profile can cost. As with most movements, if you can find someone with a 'spectacular' testimony of how they came out of the enemies camp, saw the light and now are a warrior for your side....it can be quite lucrative in terms of speaking engagements, popularity, even fame.

As the sage of Dr Caner dragged on, over a few years, and his engagements even included lecturing to a group of Marines about his Muslim past etc...he found himself needing to try to surpress any record of what he said, because he knew that when subjected to the light of reality and recorded fact... it could be embarrassing, even worse..humiliating.  There is little humiliation as bad as that of a National scale. If you've built your reputation up and have become famous ... imagine if you can, the prospect of it all being exposed clearly and irrefutably as a lie.

It get's worse.. even after the clear evidentiary contradiction of his claims, he still dug his heels in and stubbornly refused to fess up and come clean.

Who did this attitude effect?

Braxton Caner.

For starters it effected his own son. It effected him so badly that just recently the 16 yr old committed suicide.

I'm sure that did not give Caners critics the slightest molecule of satisfaction or glee... they, like him would have shared in his inconsolable grief. At least that's how I feel about the man.....

So in conclusion, let me just underline that a small lie may not matter.....but a HUGE lie, that we build our lives on, is devastating.

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