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Friday, February 13, 2015

The Australian Federal Police must ACT against Jasmine Pilbrow for alleged attempted Highjack(?) of an Aircraft at Tullarmarine.

Jasmine Pilbrow is a deluded protester who took action on an Airliner, that essentially took forced control of an aircraft at Tullamarine Airport. If the AFP do not take action with the full force of the law, Pilbrow's actions will simply encourage other ratbags to use similar stunts to get their point across. 

This is the message I sent to the AFP on facebook:

Dear AFP. In Korea, the daughter of the CEO of Korean Air was just JAILED for 12 months for "disrupting the movement of an aircraft".... Meanwhile in Australia, JASMINE PILBROW a serial protester pest, boarded an Aircraft at Tullamarine and refused to sit down unless a person (assylum seeker) was removed from the aircraft. SHE IS FREE .... so.. my question as a member of the PUBLIC to whom you are ultimately accountable to enforce our laws that we make through our elected representatives.... WHY IS SHE FREE and not arrested????? 

 (a) taking control of an aircraft by force, or threat of force, or any other form of intimidation or by any trick or false pretence; = 'Unlawful Interference with Aviation'
The exception mentioned in section 10.2 does not exempt Ms Pilbrow from guilt under 10.1(a) because she did interfere with aviation and the lawful transport of a person.
So.... "a government of the people for the people and by the people" has no meaning when the Police decline to do their duty under the laws we (the people) have established. Especially so when it comes to Aviation!

I rang AFP at Tullamarine requesting an explanation of why Ms Pilbrow was not arrested and I was told in a very aggressive/gruff manner.. "You want a reason ?... ok. 'operational reasons'" I'm sorry... there can be no "operational" reason not to arrest a highjacker, a feral CEO's daughter who does not like the way peanuts are served to her on Daddy's airline, OR... a feral serial pest like Jasmine Pilbrow who FORCES the removal of a passenger in the face of police looking on... they looked powerless, confused, and lacking confidence.

In the name of the Australian people.. I want more than an explanation...I/we want ACTION.. 

New Matilda (Story)
In a desperate attempt to prevent the removal, asylum seeker advocates raced to Tullamarine airport earlier this morning and handed out leaflets to passengers encouraging them to disrupt the flight and help prevent the removal of the asylum seeker.
One member of the group, 21-year-old Jasmine Pilbrow, bought a ticket for Qantas flight 383 shortly before its scheduled departure, then refused to be seated when the passengers were asked to prepare for take off.

You can read the story yourselves. BE IT KNOWN TO YOU...that If I was on that plane, and this female tried to prevent it leaving, I would have made a CITIZEN'S ARREST and demanded that she be taken off the aircraft on suspicion of attempted hijacking! If you want to have a chat about this you can reach me on the Phone number I provide in a separate message on this issue.

COMMENT When I rang the AFP at Tullamarine airport to ask why she was not arrested, I was told in a gruff, discourteous voice "You want a reason ? Ok.. "Operational Reasons" there, now you have your reason!"

(Alleged)Criminal Hijacker(?) Jasmine Pilbrow

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