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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Socalism's Final Solution to the Final Question (Fagor)

You can read up on the sage of Spanish Fagor and the background.. I'm connected here with just the last section, the last question in fact of an article about it.

Here is the question:

One final question remains –  Is the structural problem strictly due to the external dynamics of capitalism as Alperovitz maintains or, in addition to the systemic changes we must make,  must we also re-examine how the culture of capitalism, like a Trojan horse, has corrupted the internal culture of the cooperatives themselves?

If you think carefully about the framing of this question.  It's clear that Alperovitz wants to rule the world. As the Tears for Fears song went.. "Every body want's to rule the world".... seems true in his case.   This wanna be Hitler type, has a very big meaning to the phrase "systemic changes".. he means 100% nationalization of all the means of production... a patently futile idea  and proven to be hideously wrong in so many ways.

My view is that it's not Capitalism that is the Trojan house against the Coops...it's the Coops that are the Trojan horse against Capitalism.

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