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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shocking...Russia 'Demands' Eastern Ukraine!

I'm not sure where to start here, but a quote from William Gibson seems appropriate:

"Time moves in one direction, memory in another."
There is either the deliberate memory loss among Nato Countries about the events following the break up of the Soviet Union to now. At one time, Russia had a strategic buffer in it's satellite states, that have gradually, but relentlessly, been 'converted' to supposed freedom and membership in Nato.   
No, nothing would convince me that the old Soviet era was good. But today,  I am equally resolute regarding anyone telling me that the West is.."good".  Today we heard from the Russian President that Russia wanted pretty much iron clad guarantees that Ukraine will not join Nato.  Why? It's pretty simple if you're Russian... you don't want the Empire of the West having a military ally on your doorstep. Let's not forget what an 'alliance' is...it's a military arrangement that has been the cause of both the last two world wars, and the Ruskies damn well know it!
The encroaching of the West on Russia is not only in the form of  removing that buffer zone, it's also aimed at taking over the economic resources that previously went to Russia. This would be such things as the sale of  Fighter Planes and all manner of technology that Europe and America desperately need to sell to prop up their own debt saturated economies.

Today the Media was blaring the 'panic' news that "We can't let Putin expand his borders by the barrell of a gun"...but the truth is, the West/Nato has been expanding it's own borders by 'fabian' means for a few decades. (Gradualist Intrusion).
The end result is the same.. Russia is marginalized, whether the Western Europeans 'invade' with guns or invade with the likes of George Soros and his so called 'open society' foundations. Make no mistake...it was Soros who was by his own admission, behind the Ukrainian 'revolution' that deposed a democratically elected leader...a coup!  So, should it really surprise us that Mr Putin and his mob are prepared to fight a  'soft' invasion with a real one? 

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