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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


This is shaping up to be a most interesting event!  In Melbourne a 'rival' facebook page has sprung up which looks like it's the bogan ratbag bunch of boofheads, boneheads and methheads, who rock up drunk, and sprout slurred slogans from their unwashed potty mouths accusing Aussie patriots of being 'racist' and islamophobes and any other convenient name they can think of (their vocabulary is very limited..they are like automatons who can say "Racist..Fascst...Nazi" and that's about it!)

THIS appears to be the usual suspects "Green Left Rent-a-Crowd"


But although t's their democratic right to express their view... I don't think it's their ethical right to hijack the event time and place though.


BLACK HAT RALLY   (The Dark side)

RECLAIM WHAT...FROM WHOM? Just read this article, it will blow your mind. 

SPEECH.  This speech will not be delivered on the day, as that role is already fulfilled. This is a 'proposed' or possible speech which I feel would be appropriate for the occasion. See ALTERNATIVE speech here.

POLICE. You are the fabric and thread which protects our social harmony and keeps it intact. Others will debate the controversial issues, national and international that divide mens minds.  But  serene, calm, aloof you stand as our civil guardians. You are those warriors in the arena of battle and our life guards in the raging sea of social conflict.  In you is our hope for peace, security and liberty.

Let civilian voices debate our processes of Government. Whether our strength is being sapped by deficit financing indulged in too long, or Federal Paternalism grown to mighty,  power groups grown too arrogant, Politics grown too corrupt,  Crime grown too rampant, Extremists grown too violent, Morals grown too low, Taxes grown too high, and whether our freedoms and liberties are as thorough and complete  as they ought to be. 
These are not for your professional participation or armed solution, but your guidepost is like a threefold beacon in the night, Duty, Honor Country!

We are those civilian voices! We are the ones struggling with all these issues and bringing them to the public mind and alerting the mass consciousness. But we can only do this when our safety and security is guaranteed by you as you do your duty, do it with honor, and for the sake of your country!

If a strand of the fabric of the cloak of statehood and civil society breaks and we find the material fraying and coming apart at the edges, due to selective  and politically preferred law enforcement, then....the people will start to murmur, then they will become agitated and angry,  and when we the people become angry, and our elected and appointed representatives become reckless and rash, when they respond more to the voice of a power broker from either business or organized Labor in the ear of the career minded politician of the legacy-minded  higher commanders in the police; than to the clearly laid out law, then the people will move from angry and agitated to animated!

They will join together and assemble in places like this, and when they come together, they will be made aware of what is really happening around them and to them. They will be addressed by one who can articulate their feelings clearly and be mesmerized with clarity. Then as the true nature of the enemy is explained to them they will be energized ..then they  will become galvanized and ready to move ahead in reclaiming this nation from the dark insidious forces from many quarters at work to undermine it.

Today is the day, Now is the time..and THIS is the moment when that movement takes off!  We will spread out across the nation, we will establish cells and discussion groups, we will undergo specialized training in political science, psychology, economics and  sociology and we will become the guiding light for the Nation to move ahead!
This is no time to indulge in the luxury of cooling off, nor to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism or the stupefying narcotic of apathy. Now is the time to take the momentum of the moment and forge it into  a movement!

NOW is the time call cancer by it's real name rather than put a bandaide on it in the name of not offending the cancer. You cannot co-exist with Cancer, if you don't get the cancer the cancer will get you!

NOW is the time to rise up from the desolate valley of economic recklessness and political corruption to the sunlit path of social, economic and political justice!

NOW is the time to lift the nation up out of the quicksand of legal compromise and political opportunism and onto the solid rock of true brotherhood.

NOW is the time to break down the divisive Berlin walls of racism of so called MultiCulturalism and talk about being Australian.

NOW is the time to purge the judiciary of political appointees and from  the likes of so called Justice Debbie Mortimer who said as a lawyer "Your honour.. truth is not a defense"!

There will be neither rest nor tranquility in Australia until we see law being applied without regard for culture or religion.

There will be no rest for the wicked politicians who will say  up today and down tomorrow simply because they think it will advance their party cause.
There  will be no rest for senior police who take orders from dodgy politicians rather than be informed by the law of we the people!

Today is not an end...it is a beginning. Those who hope that we reclaimers just needed to blow off some steam today and will go home content tonight, will be in for a rude awakening tomorrow if the nation simply returns to 'business as usual!

The storms and whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of the nation until the bright day of Justice emerges!

We see an Australia where little black boys and little black girls can join hands with little white boys and little white girls as sisters and brothers.

We see a future where the rich are compassionate toward the poor...where the powerful will not tread on the weak, where the happy will encourage the sad!

We see a future where each person puts the Nation first and him or herself second.

We see a future where Lawyers are more interested in justice than a judgeship

We see a future where Doctors care more for public  health rather than personal wealth.

We see a future where teachers teach for life, not just a living.

We see a future where justice, prosperity and peace reign from the snow capped peaks of Kosiosko to the sunburnt plains of Kalgoorlie, from the basking beaches of Bondi to the broad beaches of Broom, from Hobart to Heathmont and Bendigo to Brisbane and from Perth to Penrith and finally from one side of Melbourne to the other.


When we live for each other and love prevails rather than hate or envy, when peace triumphs over violence, then we can all join together, black men and white men, Asians, Islanders and Arabs, and  when justice reigns and love is lavished from every humpy, and every town, and every city of every state, it will speed up that day when all of us can say we fought the good fight, we finished the race and we kept the faith! Let's now  sing in the words of our national anthem.....

Australians all let us rejoice......


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  2. "The Silence of the Imams"
    My complaint against Muslims is this. Publish a cartoon in an obscure magazine and they take to the streets protesting in their hundreds of thousands. Yet after countless murderous atrocities in the name of their prophet - hardly a word of objection. Are they too scared of radicals to speak out or do they actually agree with them? I'd love to know the truth.

    If a sect of radical Catholics was terrorising the world in the name of Christianity, the response from the rest of Catholics would be deafening outrage and condemnation. Yet Muslims keep their mouths shut.

    This should be a major argument for the Reclaim Australia movement.

    Peter Hilbig (pjrhilbig@gmail.com )


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