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Sunday, February 1, 2015

PEGIDA....what will it take to make it National and Nightmarish for the Comfortable Establishment.

Clearly more than the current leader can offer... Catherine Oertel.

It is not difficult to mock her thus. Frau Oertel is Essex woman. Although she and her colleagues can mobilise 15,000 to 20,000 people in a wintry square every week, she is tongue-tied and gauche when dropped into national TV. Some of what she says makes sense but, for a protest movement, it has a bizarre lack of focus:

But change the Oertel into an Orator and...... see where it goes!

The National socialists began as a motley group of 7 pathetic political wanna-be's who dwelt in a dingy basement in Munich, disappointed that after they had printed and posted 1000 leaflets to promote their first 'major meeting' (this is before they had their symbols and were known) and exactly.....'seven' people rocked up!  ie...the Committee itself. Not another soul gave them the time of day, and while this was going on, out in the streets were hundreds of thousands of communists, socialists, anarchists, all screaming about workers rights and revolution.

So..... just roll that situation over in your mind for a while.... and put yourself in the place of one of those 7, and ask how you might feel about your future prospects as a force for political and social renewal?

Fast forward approximately 1 year.  By this time, they have:

i) Embraced Adolph Hitler as leader.
ii) Done a lot more street work to make themselves and their symbols known.

Now... having built their numbers up to an occasional 250 (max).....they believed they were ready for the big time, but was the public?  In hope and aspiration, they pooled all their Marks and  did 2 things. First they hired a hall that could accomodate 2000 people. Secondly, they paid for a big advertizement in a major Newspaper.

There they were.... waiting....wondering... wandering around with worry on their faces..."Will people come????"

When the time arrived it was an absolute packout!   THIS....was the moment when the movement became  massive!
It was this moment when the passion and power of the spoken word came to light and broke through the Herd's collective ignorance and glazed eyed following of the communists, and turned them into rabid nationalists.

We all know where that went... it went up and up and then, after alienating the whole world....down in a heap of flames.  But the point is proven, even with bad ideas of racial superiority and territorial greed, it's still possible to re-shape the direction of the herd... the masses... so how much more should it be possible if you reject such evil ideas?

THE MISSING LINK....for Pegida is that 'voice'....that orator....that 'star of the political stage' who can articulate the ideas that can capture the minds and hearts of the people, and aim them in a noble direction.

With all this in mind.... 'this' might be of interest to you and hopefully to PEGIDA.

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