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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pegida and the Effective use of true Propaganda (against them)

Pegida has been in the news for a while now, managing to attract up to 25,000 protesters at their peak.

THEN...SUDDENLY.. this image emerged about it's founder Luz Bachman......

Before I continue, ask yourself how this image was presented and portrayed by those who used it against PEGIDA? Did you believe it was a sudden slip up by Bachman that occurred within the time frame of the past few months?

Now... consider this little bit of information:

PEGIDA's detractors say that the photo, which was taken at least two years before the group's rise to prominence, proves that the movement is motivated by racism.
Bachmann insists that the photograph was an act of satire. In an interview with BILD, he said: "I took the photo at the barbershop for the publication of the audio book of the satire [novel] 'He's Back.' ... You have to be able to joke about things every now and then."

Now consider...the number of images and portrayals of Hitler that Jewish Hollwood types have created over the past decade or 2.  Does that make them anti semites or Nazi's ?  Of course not.

This is a clear desperation by a frightened political establishment to use any means at it's disposal, no matter how immoral or anachronistic, to bring down what they see as a threat to their plush, privileged, pompous, pampered lifestyles.

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