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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Now that I Know everything....what next ?

Yep.. the title is very much tongue in cheek, and patently false.. I don't know everything, but sometimes while you might not know EVerything, you can know  a heck of a lot more than the average Joe in the street to the point where you 'feel' like, relative to them, you do know 'everything'.....

The Loneliness of Knowing....

It can be a lonely track we follow, first study, then work, then more study, and along the way an increasing awareness evelops us. An awareness that things are not what they should be, and definitely not what they could be.
For example, right now in Australia our federal politics are in turmoil and turbulence.  I've written on what I see as the 'Catholicization' of the federal government by a passionate Catholic prime minister. I wonder just how much of the current leadership speculation and unpleasant thinly veiled attacks on Mr Abbott are due to this perception that might not be limited to myself?

But the point where 'knowledge' makes the path ahead a lonely one is the realization that all the policy/public face of these people is never the real reason they are there.  This is true of both sides, and the other 'wannabe' side the Green extremists.  It always has been, is, and will be about power and how that is used for the benefit of the social, old school, family, and business connections to the parties.  

You might think that you know it too, but how does that effect your electoral and democratic conduct? As for me, it's been translated into a street presence where around 40 of 'my mob' were confronted by around 300 hard core communists, anarchists and socialists (the usual predictable same old same old rent-a-crowd). I've met then enough times to almost think they are 'family' by now haha...sure.. the "family of God" where God is  Marx, Lenin, Stalin  and Bakunin.

I've even placed myself in the midst  of 25,000 Unionists with a contrary message on a poster held high... and was attacked for it by a pint sized Communist woman who told  me I was a 'racist'...she had earlier threatened me with the words "I want to smash your face in "....this kind of thing goes with the territory of public activism.

But the worst form of loneliness is in regard to the huge political lies of social and electoral convenience that are bandied about during times of unrest.. "Islam is Peace" would have to be the biggest huge-est mega lie that all our Politicians (except Corey Bernadi...go Corey!) are using to try to forestall any inter-community unrest. 

I've just written a fairly detailed letter to the Police 'Events' section on that subject.

All the while, I practice ,practice, practice how to speak.... boldy, loudly sometimes, softly at other times, but persuasively for all times.   There are many reasons for this, but I am a great believer in the impact  of the powerfully delivered, spoken word.  Police in America (Berkely I believe) were almost in panic about the effect that Mario Savio could deliver to a crowd of people, they followed him for around 10 yrs :

In 1999, the media revealed that Savio had been tailed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation from the moment that he had climbed onto the police car in which Jack Weinberg was detained. He was followed for more than a decade "because he had emerged as the nation's most prominent student leader".[2] There was no evidence that he was a threat or that he had any connection with the Communist Party, but the FBI decided he merited their attention because they thought he could inspire students to rebel.

You might like to see his speech.... it was pretty good in terms of delivery, hopelessly wrong on so many philosophical and political and social points but nevertheless...he inspired.
To quote that other grand master of the obvious... Maxwell Smart... "If only he had used his powers for niceness instead of evil"

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