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Friday, February 27, 2015

MADONNA...from sex to satan, are you surprised?

At the grammys Madonna has finally sunk to the lowest possible depths of human depravity by glorifying Satan and being surrounded by demons.  I don't know about you, but I saw this coming a decade ago. This is the end game of the fundamental problem with the drug of narcissistic hedonism.

ROCK.. you must 'impress' and be memorable..so.. to do this, in the absence of more creative skills, you just do the dirty, shock people by smashing down social barriers by which we keep our society in tact.  Sure..it shocks...but everything shocking today becomes normalized tomorrow, and then what?  Aah.. well if you look at the history of popular Music, mainly 'rock and roll', a trend and pattern is clearly visible.

I remember the fist time I saw Stevie Wonder doing pelvic thrusts on stage.. just about gagged and did a projectile vomit.  I was stunned... but it became 'the usual thing'...then Michael Jackson began grabbing his 'gear' on stage during the various dance numbers.. grab grab grab.. then Madonna got in on the act and did her 'sex book'... then Lady Gaga tried to call and raise it more...  but it had only one possible ending...and that had to be Satanism.

When sex ceases to shock.. you can always rely on the devil to do it.  Actually Madonna has bypassed only 2 stops on her way to perdition... they are sex acts with animals and child sexual abuse..... perhaps she will 'hint' at these things now that Satan has thoroughly possessed her?

Who knows? I'd like to say "who cares?" but unfortunately, millions of impressionable young people are influenced by her antics...and while she will be held absolutely accountable for that by God... in the here and now there will be many truly damaged lives that are the result of her Satanically inspired filth.

LET ME GO ON THE RECORD also, as saying that those 2 final bridges not yet crossed in public 'art' entertainment, will not only be crosssed, they will be burned. Just watch...and wait. As for me? I'll be sharing in a RECLAIM Australia rally in 4th of April and I'm hoping thousands of others will join me.

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