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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Look...he's helping people...Lets KILL him!

I recall hearing stories during the Vietnam war of the VC going into villages where the American medical personnel had just provided life saving vaccinations to the children.  The VC came in, and hacked off the arms where he injections had been delivered. Bizarre in the extreme.

Jesus healed a man with a withered hand.... in itself this is an amazing and mind numbing act of the miraculous. Anyone who has endured some kind of debilitating deformity or damaged limb, would give almost anything for it to be healed and them to be made well.

So...when Jesus told this bloke "Stretch out your hand" and it was made well.... can you fathom the reaction of the religious leaders who observed this? "Let's kill him"......?   It defies logic, rationality and reason.   The normal reaction you expect is that they praise him, congratulate him, applaud him....and proclaim him.... surely not "Let's kill him"

This illustrates the true darkness of the human heart, not just of those religious leaders, but all of us. I don't think they are unique. Too much history testifies to our greed for position and prestige that we want to keep at any cost to think any differently.

How do 'you' react when someone shares the Gospel of Christ with you ? I suppose it depends a lot on how they share it.  But that aside.... thinking only of the message itself.. that God desires a restored relationship with us and has the offer of forgiveness for those of us who are willing to turn around..    It's not just a 'removal' of a deserved punishment, there is so much more. Forgiveness is the door to renewal of our total being in Christ.

Neurologically, being 'in Christ' has great impact.  Brain chemistry is definitely rewired, rearranged and restored  closer to how it should be.  So, next time some person asks "have you heard the message of salvation in Christ?"....give them a good hearing, don't say to yourself "Let's kill him".

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