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Friday, February 27, 2015

Jihadi John... will his family now be murdered by relatives of his victims?

Imagine, your son, sister, cousin, mum or dad has become the victim of this retarded ISIS killer and you live in the UK...and suddenly....you find out he has family in your area!  I think it is entirely possible, that grieving, outraged relatives of those murdered by him or by ISIS, will vent their rage on whoever they can find in a way that will hurt, and cause anguish to this dirty filthy excuse for a man,  and that might be his sisters, his father, mother... anyone connected to him that will cause him suffering and pain.  They might do this to remind him that he is not an island, he cannot regard himself as immune to the same vile crimes of which he is guilty.

So, we wait and see what will happen to that family and perhaps other relatives of his.

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