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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Is this a Joke ? (man interviews passers by) "Perception"

If you've ever wondered just how much you are influenced by subconscious pressures that you are not aware of...check this out !

The producer of this doco is the recently deceased, Aaron Russo.

Russo is no lightweight when it comes to movie production. He was a producer and director of such notable iconic films as Wise Guys, Trading places and Mad as Hell.   But in the early parts of this video, he interviews passers by about income tax.   One blonde lady is asked "Hello..what's your name?" to which she replies with a lot more generosity than I'd be giving to a stranger...with her full name.   Then...Russo asks her about income tax law and she suddenly does a double take "Is this a joke?"    He informs her that he produced various movies (mentioned above) and that he's interviewing her for a serious purpose.  She looks a bit uncomfortable, but more, - she looks skeptical and nervous.

Now imagine if she'd been watching TV on the previous evening, and it had some interesting story that featured close up face shots of Aaron Russo and a lot of information about his awards and achievements in film. Then...out of the blue... she meets him like this...... what subconscious pressure is she under in that encounter?

-No..it couldn't be...
-Who me? how could I meet someone like that?
-This guy looks like Russo...must be a coincidence!

But I suggest she would be more open to his real identity had she been exposed to such a viewing experience the night before.  But because the last thing we expect is for such a high profile celebrity type to confront us for an interview on the street...... all sorts of doubting questions flood our minds....right?

The point I'm trying to make is about how we perceive information and experience.  If you've seen  loud hysterical confronting "Racist Racist...Nazi Scum" type accusations being hurled at some person on a soap box for a political cause, would you feel bold enough to stand on your own soap box about your pet issue?  I suggest most people are intimidated to death about even the thought of standing up for some issue like that.

I'm not one of them.

I still have vivid recollections of an event a few years ago where Australia had John Howard as Prime minister, and he brought in something called the 'IR laws' (Industrial Relations) that enabled people to work out individual contracts with their employers for their pay and conditions. Oh my...oh my oh my oh myyyyy..how the political Left despised, hated and haunted that idea!  So in my state (Victoria) the sequence of events that led up to a major protest about these laws went down something like this:

i) General turmoil and Left wing agitation about the IR laws over a month.
ii) A week before their major protest, 1000 workers at a car parts factory were dismissed and the company relocated overseas. (Note..this was under those laws, but not because of them) It was a pure and simple "survive or dive" situation of economic reality.
iii) Then there was a grand massive show of force where around 45,000 unionists gathered at our main football stadium to have a shoutfest against John Howard and his IR laws.
iv) I decided that I would offer a counter message of  "BLAME CHINA, Tax slavery at Customs"... for the simple reason that it was due to the unending upward pressure on wages and costly conditions that caused the car parts company to relocate. ie..the Unions.  I saw red... red in anger and 'Red' in the political sense as I determined that it was the communist elements of the Labor party and Union movement that really caused this massive loss of jobs.

v) I prepared a poster with the words mentioned above and went to the Steps of Flinders Street Station, and held it up high for all to see!  By this time the main protest had dispersed but there were still around 25,000 protesters at the station precinct to hear a few final speeches, one being from Aboriginal Activist Associate Professor Gary Foley. He certainly has the gift of the gab... quite a stirrer you might say.

vi) So... as I'm standing there holding up my poster..this pint sized little communist woman came up to me and although she was short, looked up into my face and said.."I want to smash your face in" and she called me a racist.
Then, she tried to get me 'gang bashed' by the protesters, which fizzed badly..no one took her seriously... then, in a final effort to shut me up, she carried out her threat..and tried to beat the daylights out of me. (smile)  Well..that also fizzed, but never mind...she gave it a good shot.

CONCLUSION Interestingly, other than that rabid little Red lady, not a single passer by disagreed with my message.  Specially when I explained a bit more.  I suppose I should reiterate my primary position on Unions today.. when the dust settles and yet another huge company like Ford, GM, Toyota currently winding down, (and Nissan, Chrysler and Mitsubishi before them) all ending manufacturing in Australia, I just have one simple question.....

QUI BONO?  Who benefits?

ANSWER....there are two groups who directly benefit from industrial action that shuts down manufacturers

1/ The Peoples Republic of China. (Who now has less competition.)
2/ The Union leaders (who never lose their jobs.)

This leads me to the conclusion, based on the compelling evidence..to see the strong possibility of China itself, funding or helping or enabling these Union leaders through indirect means, to encourage them to continue their destruction of all competition to Chinese Industry.

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