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Friday, February 20, 2015

Did Jewish controlled Labor Unions contribute to the Holocaust?

A balanced answer would have to  say "possibly"....so did they contribute to it ? Again, an emphatic 'yes' if you can accept the premise that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The yes is found in how these Labor unions influenced the mind of Hitler. In his mind, the association of "Jewish led Unions+ Bavarian Revolution+ Traitors  like Kurt Eisner=  ....... the Holocaust. It's worth keeping in mind, that while approximately 6 million Jews died in the camps, an even larger number of Russian, Poles, homosexuals, Gypsies and others also died, many of them being political prisoners with a trade Union background. Do you ever wonder why the only people you hear about with monotonous repetition is...Jews?  Is there some grand purpose in this? Why don't those who create the plethora of anti Hitler, Holocaust documentaries make the focus equally strong on all groups?

I have no illusions about the nature of Hitler, he became one of histories worst monsters, but he was a monster to millions of other people than the Jews alone,  and any balanced documentary would present history as such. The fact that there is usually only a very fleeting and passing mention of 'the others' speaks volumes about who produced these documentaries and why.

Imagine if you were fed a daily diet of "2 million gypsies died in the death camps" with only a passing mention of Jews, Russians, Homosexuals etc....  I'd be suspecting that those producing the documentaries had some 'pro Gypsy' political purpose in mind.

1/ The Labor Unions  contributed massively to the formation of Hitlers thinking. He tried to support himself in Vienna by taking laboring jobs on building sites.  After a few days the Union organizers informed  him.."Adolph.. we want you to join our Union". He declined.  A while later they rephrased the question "Adolph, if you don't join our Union, we will hurl you off a scaffold!"  He records his reaction "Not having the means to resist I retired from that work, wiser for the experience".   It so happened that in Vienna, most Labor Unions were run by Jewish Communists, and he noticed this. (see his own explanation below)

2/  Once he came to elected power in 1933, and resurrected Germany's economy, gave them the VolksWagen, Autobahns and massive re-employment.  Austrians looked on in stunned amazement.  Life in Vienna was full of unemployment, distruction, strikes (those Unions again) and riots in the streets. (Leftists trying to bring the country down and have a re-run of the Russian Revolution) Finally, Hitler made overtures to them to join Germany and Germany 'annexed' Australia without any spilling of blood, and then, according to the speaker in the Video below,  98% of Austrians welcomed move.

Even if this was a wild exaggeration... (and it's probably a bit down that path) the lack of opposition and strife from anyone but the unrepresentative die hard communists is clear evidence that the annexation was not a major concern for the unemployed man in the street who now had a job.

3/  A labor agitator named Kurt Eisner staged a coup over the Monarchy in Bavaria. He and most of the leaders of that coup, were Jewish. (look it up, do a biographical wiki on each name! DON'T believe me!)

He joined the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany in 1917, at the height of World War I, and was convicted of treason in 1918 for his role in inciting a strike of munitions workers. He spent 9 months in Cell 70 of Stadelheim Prison, after which he was released during the General Amnesty in October of that year.[5]
After his release from prison, he organized the revolution that overthrew the monarchy in Bavaria (see German Revolution). He declared Bavaria to be a free state and republic on 8 November 1918, becoming the first republican premier of Bavaria. On 23 November 1918, he leaked documents from the Bavarian plenipotentiary at Berlin in July/August 1914 he thought proved the war was caused by "a small horde of mad Prussian military" men as well as "allied" industrialists, capitalists, politicians, and princes. At the Berne Conference of Socialists, held at Berne, Switzerland, he attacked the moderate German socialists because of their refusal to acknowledge Germany's guilt in bringing about World War I. For this speech and for his uncompromising hostility to Prussia, he became bitterly hated by large sections of the German people. (wiki)
One slight rephrasing of the part in the article above where it says "becoming the first republican premier"... in fact the reality is.."He declared himself Premier".

A hated man ? hmmm...no kidding! Perhaps not just him, but *scratches head*...his people too ?

One of the most important questions anyone can ask is this.."What influences formed the thinking of Adolph Hitler"? Let him answer:

My knowledge of trade-union organization was at that time practically non-existent. I could not have proved that its existence was either beneficial or harmful. When I was told that I had to join, I refused. The reason I gave was that I did not understand the matter, but that I would not let myself be forced into anything. Perhaps my first reason accounts for my not being thrown out at once. 

From then on our discussions at work were often very heated. I argued back, from day to day better informed than my antagonists concerning their own knowledge, until one day they made use of the weapon which most readily conquers reason: terror and violence. A few of the spokesmen on the opposing side forced me either to leave the building at once or be thrown off the scaffolding. Since I was alone and resistance seemed hopeless, I preferred, richer by one experience, to follow the former counsel.(Mein Kampf Ch 2 "My years of study and  suffering in Vienna")


Before anyone get's too exited about the prospect of National Socialism as a political movement, you need to listen carefully to how Kitty explains the changes made to education during her expience of that reality. Have you heard this "Hitler was a Christian"... let Kitty answer that around 9:50 in the video.

The rest is history.

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