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Friday, February 20, 2015

Historic Injustice and 'now'..... (Ireland)

Ever wondered a little bit deeper than the headlines and the grotesque images of bombs and dead bodies? History is a wonderful starting point (not a bad end point too) in understanding the 'troubles' of Ireland and  these troubles are a very acute lesson about how people feel when their liberty, dignity and independence are dislocated and supressed by unjust human greed.

Civil rights campaign and loyalist backlash

A civil rights mural in Derry
In 1964, a peaceful civil rights campaign began in Northern Ireland. The civil rights movement sought to end discrimination against Catholics (including those of Catholic background) and Irish nationalists by the Protestant- and unionist-dominated government of Northern Ireland. It called for:
  • an end to job discrimination – it showed evidence that Catholics/nationalists were less likely to be given certain jobs, especially government jobs
  • public housing to be allocated on the basis of need rather than religion or political views – it showed evidence that unionist-controlled local councils allocated housing to Protestants ahead of Catholics/nationalists
  • one man, one vote – in NI, only householders could vote in local elections, while in the rest of the UK all adults could vote
  • an end to gerrymandering of electoral boundaries – this meant that nationalists had less voting power than unionists, even where nationalists were a majority
  • reform of the police force (Royal Ulster Constabulary or RUC) – it was almost 100% Protestant and accused of sectarianism and police brutality
  • repeal of the Special Powers Act – this allowed police to search without a warrant, arrest and imprison people without charge or trial, ban any assemblies or parades, and ban any publications; the Act was used almost exclusively against nationalists and republicans

ARE YOU SURPRISED that the IRA came into existence?  (I'm not Irish either, I'm Scot/English)

No matter how dainty, sophisticated, eloquent, articulate and well educated a man might be, such as members of the English Parliament in 1600, the only thing this shows is that 'greed' and sin become more sophisticated with the person. 

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