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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gillian Triggs must Resign (and be punished) for passive support of Child Abuse!

One of the things some prayer books include in their formalized incantation is.. "and forgive us for our sins of omission".  That's supposed to cover the things we did 'wrong' but didn't realize at the time.

If that's for the common person, how is it then that so called 'Professor' Gillian Triggs, the supposed Chairwoman of the Human Rights Commission, can woffle and wax eloquent about "No..I won't resign" but looking back over the past couple of years..we must ask WHERE was Triggs (MIA?) when Islamic marriages were being conducted in back yards in Sydney, between much older males and young barely teenage children? (No...that rates a bit more passion..= ??????????)

She certainly was not KIA...because we can see she is alive....but MIA? absolutely. She has as much direction on preventing child abuse as a one legged Centipede.  This is what the Human Rights Commission says of Professor Triggs on their web site!

Professor Triggs' long-standing commitment to legal education will build upon the Commission's efforts to inform Australians, especially children, about their fundamental human rights.

To which the bloke down in the public bar at the local pub  says.. BULLSHIT!!!!

Professor Triggs graduated in Law from the University of Melbourne in 1968 and gained a PhD in 1982. She has combined an academic career with international commercial legal practice and worked with governments and international organizations on human rights law.

Really????  Did she get that Phd in sculduggery and amoral political science? Did she buy her Phd in the local Labor party $2.00 shop ? Make no mistake... I'm not a one man cheer squad for Tony Abbott...I have different issues with him and his lamentably weak confused misguided party... but swapping them with those weaknesses now for a far worse alleged rapist and multiple backstabbing Bill Shorten to lead the nation would take us from 'damaged and bleeding' to catastrophic and terminal!  (the Greens are plain lunatics... I'm not cheering for or pointing to them either!)

SHE IS A JOKE.... except that it isn't funny for the children being abused in the Muslim community and all this being enabled by shameless Imams who look to Muhammad for their example rather than the law of this land.

Triggs claims 'their work' involves the human rights of children.. see this image!
She wants to hold an 'inquiry' into the issue of children in detention.  Does anyone out there have even a 25% functioning brain ?  If we detain adults who illegally enter this once great, but rapidly deteriorating nation, and they have children...and those children can be educated in detention centres.. then to rip these vulnerable young ones AWAY from their parents and families is an even worse abuse if the detention itself is accepted as an abuse. So, again.. we see tricky Triggs tearing children from families, creating another 'stolen' generation, in the name of "human rights"...no Gillian... you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time...
You might have a Phd (from that $2.00 shop) but WE have 'common sense'!

More cow poo from the Human Rights web site..

Children as well as adults have human rights. Children also have the right to special protection because of their vulnerability to exploitation and abuse.
The main international human rights treaty on children’s rights is the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The CRC is the most widely ratified human rights treaty in the world. Australia ratified the CRC in December 1990, which means that Australia has a duty to ensure that all children in Australia enjoy the rights set out in the treaty.

The goal in Left wing politics is to look like you defend the defenseless, to look like you stand up for the vulnerable, and to use those issues for disastrous over spending of money we don't have, to bring down the Nation....but all the while  you are  in fact just wanting to get the decisive power and control in our institutions to further your ideological neo marxist cause!

Is there real world evidence of this? (apart from the shocking disgraceful issues mentioned above) YES..there is and here it is.

i) The HRC is passionate and energetic about illegal assylum seekers and country shoppers being looked after at the expense of regular citizens. There are two dimensions to this expense. First in the tax dollars that it costs us to maintain them over all, and secondly in the higher priority given to assylum seekers/country shoppers in access to medical services. (note..I said.. "fact") look up DFAT web site on this issue.
ii) The HRC makes a huge pantomime and shouts from the rooftops on behalf of assylum seekers who come here illegally, but is absolutely mute when it comes to young Muslim children being married off in back yards to older men by Imam's and about female genital mutilation in Muslim families.
iii) Instead of crucifying the scurrilous lawyers who drag on and on with appeal after appeal when an assylum seekers refugeee assessment is negative,  they attack the Government for keeping these people in detention for lengthy periods.

The convention on the rights of the child  is a good treaty ...sure.. but when those who have been tasked to implement it do so in politically and ideologically convenient, biased, prejudiced and exploitative manner.....picking and choosing their causes,  -causes which fit like a glove to the standard "Left" agenda and the timing of their activities to maximize the damage on one particular party and our Prime Minister (bad as he is in some areas)  she is not only hypocritical she is dangerous for our nations social and legal cohesion.

She has, in my view, recklessly and atrociously abandoned ALL responsibility to childrens human rights when they concern a sector of the community that her favorite political party (Labor) relies on for support! ie...the Muslims of South Western Sydney.   This group is so crucial to Labor that Paul Keating trashed our immigration law to overturn it so that the mad Mullah Sheikh Hilali "girls are like fresh meat" could stay in Lakemba and curry political favor for his (Keating) own political aspirations.


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