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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Does God heal today ?

It's a question I will  always answer 'yes' because I am a recipient of that blessed experience. But in the  video below some amazing things happened.. and before I say any more, Have a close look...and see what the father says about this girl..'born deaf'... then what happened after that:
Stairway to heaven

Ok.. to me it looks very much like this child was made well as a result of the prayer for healing by this evangelist.  Guess what.. I know this man personally, and have spent some time with him in Melbourne (where he is now) and you'll never guess what we were doing... he happens to be not only an evangelist, but also a Krav Maga expert. (Israeli sdlf defence system). We were doing it for a few weeks with him in the back of a well reinforced home, where the reinforcing was done by the Hells Angels!  (the lady is a relative of this evangelist and she was involved in exposing corrupt police during a difficult time.... the HA appreciated her help and built the reinforcement for her protection.  It so happens that a very  near neighbour is a Muslim jihadist convicted and jailed for terrorism in Victoria but now free.  He also happens to have one legal wife and 3 unofficial ones..and they all benefit from Victorian tax payers by having public housing units. 

That's all by the way. Given my own background, I used the  time studying martial arts for quizzing this chap about the healing ministry.  He seems very genuine, but a bit sad that many people who were healed did not make any further progress spiritually toward a life in Christ.  Even Jesus came across people like that.. recorded in the story of the 10 lepers healed where only one came back to say thanks.

How about you ?  If healing in the name of Christ is a reality, what does that say about Christ Jesus himself?  I urge and encourage you to do some relfecting on your own status and standing before the Almighty....

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