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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dirty White English Racists....Chelsea supporters reject black man in Paris

Don't you just hate it when some pack of thuggish types express thoughts and words and actions that cut you to your soul ? They humilate...the offend...they 'deconstruct' your humanity.. because of your 'race'- it's awful.

Thank the Police gods that some detectives are getting 'right on the case' to discover who these 'white scum' are in order to 'deal' with them asap.  Don't you feel re-assured by the quick action and public pronouncements by British Police? Oh yes.. we can all rest assured that they dispense justice and deploy man/woman power for the best overall and non selective non discrimination enforcement of the Law....

Or....can we ?

This was a case of a bunch of morons who happened to be white.. describing themselves as racists.. no two ways about that.. "We are racist"...mmm...ok...and this 'offended' one single black bloke at the scene, and probably a lot more via the media.

So.. how does this massive show of police solidarity with racial minorities manage to become outright law enforcement discrimination when it comes to the ..wait for it... sit down... take a deep breath....


children abused and groomed by Paskistani Muslims in the UK for a period of many years!  (1997 to 2013)
Rotherham child sex scandal

Once you have read the full dimensions of this incalculable travesty of justice and abysmal reckless running from responsibility by the Police, due to fear of being labelled 'racist'......you better not go anywhere or talk to anyone for a few hours because I'll guarantee you will be....


Now... remember how I started at the top ?  A few white morons mouthing off at one black bloke.  This simply does not even rate the tiniest pixel on the radar compared to the huge number of white children abused by Pakistani Muslims and let's be clear.. crystal clear..they were.. "PAKISTANI.....MUSLIMS"

'Who' should you hate ?  

It's kind  of an obvious question isn't it?  by this time it's pretty clear that I'm trying to pull your heart strings in a specific direction.  If you don't feel seriously intense HATE right now...I think you must be a sociopath.

THIS is who you should HATE!  (and I mean hate with perfect hatred)

ALL PARTIES who were complicit in the cowardly cringing cover up and those who are guilty of dereliction of their public duty on a grand scale.. I mean.. you should despise these people.. ostracize them, shame them.  Remember this comes back to... "political advantage through ignoring the plight of children!" so have a close peek at WHICH political party  sought to gain from this..... hate them.. hurl loud verbal rocks at them, loathe them, and if you have anything resembling a conscience.  MAKE THE BASTARDS BLEED at the next election where you have a vote.  I'm appealing primarily here to the rusted on Labor voters who by now should know that their parties look after THEM.. not the people who vote for them...

IF....you fail to rise up against this kind of exploitation of minorities for political gain, you, the white 'useful idiot' will become the vanquished and victim rather than the victor who keeps his or her dignity.
THIS kind of rubbish is exactly what Enoch Powell predicted in the 60s. What's that? I hear a soft voice reverberating....

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