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Monday, February 9, 2015

Did you hear the one about the Socialist, the Pharisee and Jesus?

 RACIST..RACIST...NAZI SCUM..OFF OUR STREETS! is how the usual shrill cry of the socialist goes when anyone makes a public stand with a different message from theirs. They even do this when the content of this public pronouncement is perfect social and economic benevolence and balanced argument.

Once Jesus went into a synagogue and a man with a crippled withered hand was present. Jesus has significant 'street cred' by this time for fixing up the feeble and healing the sick. So the party members of the 'Pharisee' movement watched him like a hawk spying on a rodent.  "Will he or wont he?" (heal the hapless cripple). Knowing his reputation, they tried to get in first with a one punch verbal knockout and burst his balloon of  benevolence with this:  "Is it lawful to heal on the sabbath?".  They hypocrisy might have made Jesus hurl, but he answered them well.. "If your sheep falls into a pit on the Sabbath, won't you drag it out?" Then he gave them the coup de grace and hit them with "So it's lawful to do good on the Sabbath!"

Jesus tells this cringing cripple.."Stretch out your hand"..he did, and it was perfect.  (just in case you think this kind of experience is 'mythological' I've had it! Not with a withered hand but a fractured elbow)

Most normal people who are not driven by a depraved political agenda would be amazed and impressed. I mean...when was the last time you saw some bloke you know with a withered hand being told "Stretch it out" and it was restored as the other?  In any mans language that would be really something!

How did these Pharisees react?  Instead of giving him acclaim....they gave him accusation.  Instead of being inspired, they went and conspired. Rather than love, they gave him hate. He was not 'one of them'..... so it mattered not how amazing were his deeds of social and physical renewal..... they saw just one thing...."Competition".

These Pharisees have all the hallmarks of the modern 'socialist' and their more radical ilk the communists. No matter how supendously beneficial the policy, how monumental the proposed reforms, how extensive the planned education, what matters to these socially and politically  bankrupt people is one thing... "Power."
If they are not driving the agenda, no one else can. "How dare you heal on the sabbath" they say. "Let that sheep languish in the pit, it's the sabbath" they say...."How can you go against our policies" they ask,... "Get off our streets" They demand.

For them, there is only one tune, and one conductor... theirs and them. It always works well in their minds, but in practice it becomes mayhem. It's successful in theory, but fails in reality. They cannot hear the discordant clash of notes in their socialist symphony. If the policy is not socialist as they see it, -it 'must' be capitalist in the worst way possible. They scream at you, they rant at you, they rage in your face, they physically attack you in the name of peace. They think that throttling you will be socially therapeutic.

They are not political Messiah's they are Monsters. They call you to walk with them on the 'progressive' pathway of Marx, but it turns into the highway to hell.  Their slogans are "human need not human greed'....They claim they want equality, for they mean for everyone but themselves. They want power, prestige, profit, and prominence. They are whitewashed tombs full of dead mens bones. They say one thing and do another. They sit on their political perches and pontificate about the perils of a capitalist society. They mock you in  mainstreet while talking 'peace' and mug you in the backstreets making war!

They sit on their perches, and squawk, squeak and squeal at you, poking sharp sticks at you, and proclaim  the pervasive perils of a parliament that includes your ideas.

These are the modern day Pharisees.

These are they who would 'compel' you to part with your hard earned income in the name of some nebulous entity they call 'the people'... They would stifle and squeeze you and extract every bit of wealth from you as if you were some kind of dehumanized commodity cash cow. By contrast, as Acts 2 shows, when people are spiritually right, the community is socially right. But these Socialists believe they can impose a generosity by law rather than sharing by grace. We all know how country communities pull together in the face of disasters. That's the spirit of generous self giving that we should be promoting on a daily basis. But is must HAVE  a basis.... without which it is a dry empty wasteland desert of legalism, rather than a refreshing oasis of freedom and equality by choice.

There will never be, and can never be equality on every level of human existence. The idea is preposterous.  The only equality humanity needs is that of opportunity plus freedom. This will inevitably lead to some people who have the intellectual resources to invent, make and market  a product becoming quite wealthy. Who are we to say "No" to that?  To do so is on the level of a spoiled younger brother who smashes the older brothers toys because he plays with the kid down the road who is the same age as him rather than the younger brother.

Those spoiled younger brothers will squander and squash the freedom of the older brighter brother purely for spite. Such younger brothers should be punished and re-educated because  they will cause the downfall of the whole of society otherwise.

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