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Friday, February 27, 2015

Decency and Decorum...who's? (Paul Weston Arrest UK)

Paul Weston, a candidate for election in the UK  was in a public place, and making a speech. In fact he was reciting portions from Churchill's speeches.   What happened next will blow your mind.

He was arrested by the police. The reasoning (other than the plain truth of it being a political arrest by British  Big Brother)  is outlined below by the Police:

It has been wrongly suggested that Mr Weston was arrested for reciting passages written by Winston Churchill. I understand he was not welcome outside the Winchester Guildhall, the Police were called and he was asked to move on. I also understand that he was not prepared to move on and was arrested for this reason.
Members of the public are of course at liberty to debate issues of importance to them in private or public spaces. However, there must be a level of decorum and decency.
Hampshire Constabulary has an obligation to ensure action is taken if decency or safety is put at risk and, if there is any reason to suspect they have intervened unnecessary [sic], this will be investigated.
As far as I am aware, this is not so in this case. With the local and European elections coming up, it is important to register that there is a great deal of politically motivated spin going on at the moment which it [sic] is having a significant impact on local policing - both in terms of vital frontline rescourse [sic] and reputation.

The highlighted words are the key to recognizing this as a clear 'political' arrest.

QUESTION. "Who" did not welcome Mr Weston at the Guildhall...and why?

He had been reported to the police by a member of the public after they had asked him if he had permission to give the speech and he replied that he did not. At the police station Weston was then rearrested for a racially aggravated offence under section 4 of the Public Order Act 1986.

Why would the 'member of the public' take offence at what Churchill wrote?  Perhaps because they either followed the religion of Islam, or they are one of the lunatic Left who dote over Muslims because they seek their electoral and protest related support.

The next point that needs to be made is this..he was then charged with a 'racially' aggravated offense.  but he was speaking purely about "Islam" in these words:

"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries"  see it?  Mohammadan ISM... It's the 'ism' that makes it an ideology and nothing about race. But see what Weston was arrested for?  Does it surprise you that my reaction to this might seem a little bizarre until you think about it..and how the bad old Soviet Union was for Christians and how wonderful it is now for us.  ...VLADIMIR PUTIN IS MY HERO!  and that for a number of reasons. He jailed the fetid scum called Pussy Riot, members of which had previously engaged in group orgiastic sex in the middle of a shopping mall with families and tiny children present.  They did this to..'protest' Russia's attitude toward gays. One of the girls was heavily pregnant and bent over with the man penetrating her from behind.. and I'm thinking how that child might react if he/she ever see's his/her mother behaving thus???  Alternatively, what diabolical values would the parents raise this child with if this is what they do in public?

IMPLICATIONS. Looking at how the police worded their response, a careful scrutineer will quickly realize that this kind of method can be applied to anyone who the police or government don't like to speak..ANY one..... that, dear friends is called a 'police state'..it is Orwellian in the extreme.

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