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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Boris Nemtsov- Dead...who was he really?

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When it comes to politics in the Soviet Union (or just about anywhere for that matter). Always ask..."Que Bono" who benefits?  What could Nemtsov represent that might have been 'behind the scenes that simply looking at images and Tv will not tell you?  Is there any common thread between Nemtsov and the notrious oligarchs who Putin removed from the national and economic landscape?

I suggest you have a close look at the early life section of the wikipedia article below...it will give you a hint!

Boris Efimovich Nemtsov was born on 9 October 1959 in Sochi to Yefim Davidovich Nemtsov and Dina Yakovlevna (née Eidman) Nemtsova. His mother was Jewish. (wiki)

Have a look at his political affiliation, (Yabloko) and see the names of the leaders, then do a 'bio' on each of them... you might also do this for the Oligarchs, and form your own conclusions as to what was going on with Nemtsov and who's interests he really represented.

I totally understand why he was murdered, and I suggest 'State Execution' might be a more accurate term. 

The unconfirmed connection that I would be looking for behind his political movement is that of George Soros and his 'Open Society' movement. Soros was by his own confession, behind many of the  Eastern European "revolutions"... and his "Open" Society movement was heavily involved. Soros shares the same ethnicity as Nemtsov's mother. (and the exiled pilfering Oligarchs).

WHY PEOPLE GO INTO POLITICS?   Have you ever wondered what goes on at the 'big' end of town? Even a large country town.... Here is an example of how business interests, vested interest, greed and corporate influence all conspire to wreck the tranquility of a country town and enrich one of it's notable citizens in the process.
Bank interests.
Real Estate interests.
Religious interests...  they are all in this story.   The offering on the blood soaked alter of rampant greed are... the humble citizens of Bendigo!

GREED, POLITICS AND RELIGION  in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

How are the people reacting?  HERE.

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