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Saturday, February 7, 2015

A man on the move to Magnificence must have a good driver!

For two years, the entire world paid an almost divine homage to the

victor of the Maine. The baggage -master literally bent under the

weight of the boxes, of the packages and letters which unknown people

sent him with a frantic testimonial of their admiration. I think that

outside of General Joffre, no commander in the war has been able to

realize a comparable idea of what glory is. They sent him boxes of

candy from all the great confectioners of the world, boxes of

champagne, fine wines of every vintage, fruits, game, ornaments and

utensils, clothes, smoking materials, inkstands, paperweights. Every

territory sent its specialty. The painter sent his picture, the

sculptor his statuette, the dear old lady a comforter or socks, the

shepherd in his hut carved a pipe for his sake. All the manufacturers

of the world who were hostile to Germany shipped their products,

Havana its cigars, Portugal its port wine. 

I have known a hairdresser

who had nothing better to do than to make a portrait of the General

out of hair belonging to persons who were dear to him; a professional

penman had the same idea, but the features were composed of thousands

of little phrases in tiny characters which sang the praise of the General. As to

letters, he had them in all scripts, from all countries, written in every dialect,

affectionate letters, grateful, overflowing with love, filled with adoration.

They called him Savior of the World, Father of his Country, Agent of God,

Benefactor of Humanity, etc.... And not only French men, but Americans,

Argentinians, Australians, etc. etc.... Thousands of little children, without

their parents’ knowledge, took pen in hand and wrote to tell him their love:

most of them called him Our Father. A

nd there was poignancy about their effusions, their adoration, these sighs of 
deliverance that escaped fromthousands of hearts at the defeat of barbarism. 
To all these naif little souls,Joffre seemed like St. George crushing the dragon. 
Certainly he incarnatedfor the conscience of mankind the victory of good over 
evil, of light overdarkness. Finally, some hundreds of young girls, overcoming 
the timidity of their sex, asked for engagements, their families not to know about it;

others wished only to serve him.”

... so, who? Was it...some Rock Icon? Some mega star ?  nope...it was a French General named Joseph Joffre who had a role in the defense of Paris during the Franco/Prussian war of 1870.  To him is attributed great glory and the prestige of having a major role in the defeat of Germany in the 1914-18 war.

General Joseph Joffre of the French army was a  man with a mission. I won't bore you with information or insights you can glean from a wiki search, I simply want to make one point. I suppose it's about 'the people we surround ourselves with'.... and it boils down to this,- if you are going at a 100km/hr, the last thing you want is to be a passenger in a vehicle (or movement) that is only toddling along at 20km/hr. It will hold you back.

Joffre put this wisdom into practice by having as his personal driver Georges Boillot, the winner of the French Grand Prix. Not bad, Joe...not bad at all!

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